With the advent of latest technologies and ideas, smartphones are an object of wonder for teenagers and children these days. They are in love with the latest apps, social media platforms, messaging and video services that always keep them engaged to their phones. As a parent, it very important for you to be aware of your kid’s digital life and what are they up to. Parental monitoring is very important to pave the way for a bright future of your child.

Necessity of parental guidance for smartphone usage

Sending explicit messages, videos and photos are something very commonly seen amongst teenagers. This may lead to circumstances where your child may land up in trouble. The plethora of facilities available in a smartphone leaves teenagers in awe. Articles and blogs across the web describe how children and teenagers are addicted towards smartphones. Real life scenarios have proved it time and again that parental guidance is very important for smartphone usage. It is better to keep your child safe and secure from the negative aspects of digital world by monitoring their smartphone and tablet activities. Keeping your child safe from online predators is the responsibility of a parent. To make your work easy, an effective monitoring app helps to monitor smartphone activities of your kids seamlessly with a lot of ease.


Effective Smartphone Monitoring app

There are many monitoring software that allows you to monitor your child’s smartphone activities. From a secured, easy-to-log-in online account of the software, you can sit back at home and have access to all the activities of the monitored smartphone. The password protected secure place can help you monitor all the data as and when you feel like. The features integrated with this service are as follows-

  • The software lets you have access to call logs of the monitored smartphone. You can have a track of outgoing and incoming calls along with the time details of each call. It will also help you to have access to the phone address book. This will help you to know about the people who are in close contact with your children and prevent them from doing anything wrong.
  • One of the most interesting features of the monitoring apps is that you can view the messages sent and received from the monitored smartphone. You can also have a look at the messages that are deleted from the phone. Gone are those days when parents used to worry about kids texting friends throughout the day. Monitoring messages on iPhones are also easy with the help of this discrete monitoring service.
  • WhatsApp is one of the preliminary means of communication for teenagers. For a major part of the day, they are seen online, busy in chatting or making WhatsApp calls. Parents are worried as they are unaware of the people talking to their kids in WhatsApp. Monitoring WhatsApp Chat is easy when you sign into the TeenShield account. So from now, it is not necessary to have access to that smartphone to have an idea about your kid’s WhatsApp activities. You can easily do that from your own smartphone as and when you feel like.
  • From the comforts of your home, you can track your child’s location with the help of GPS tracker feature of this phone. On a detailed map, the location history of your child will clearly give you an idea of the places visited by your kid. It will also notify you when your child is crossing the set perimeters fixed by you.
  • Are you worried about the kind of photos your teenage kid is clicking? Time has come for you to monitor their smartphone gallery and have a look at all the photos clicked and stored. The secured login from the account of TeenShield will help you to view all those photos.
  • Content filtering is something very essential to keep teenagers away from the inappropriate disturbing content. Teenagers are curious and they believe in what they see. As a parent, it is imperative for you to choose the kind of content your child would have access to. Checking the browser history, installed apps and also the bookmarks can be very easy with the help of this software. Android web filtering is another feature of this software that would help you to block unwanted websites, browsers to refrain your kid from getting access to harmful content.


How is TeenShield different?

  • Monitoring more than one kid is easy with the help of this parental control software. You can add multiple devices to the same account and keep track of smartphone activities of your kids. All you have to do is buy a license for each monitored device and add the same to your personal TeenShield account.
  • The software is ideal for working on Android smartphones and tablets. It can also work seamlessly on iPhones and iPads. So even if your kid is using an iPhone or an iPad, you can even keep a track of their activities
  • For iPhone monitoring, the process is very simple and hassle free. With no-jailbreak monitoring and software installation on the phone, you can easily monitor iPhone activities of your kids. Without removing any sort of software restrictions imposed by the manufacturer, you can keep an eye on what your kids are up to.
  • The process of installing the software on your phones and tablets is easy. Adding the account or device to your personal TeenShield account will help you to monitor the activities of a smartphone. Anytime, you are free to change the settings of the monitored devices as per your convenience. It is up to your discretion whether to inform that they are being monitored. From any web browser of your choice, you can log in and have access to all the relevant details. A laptop, tablet or even a smartphone can help you to get access to all the relevant data.


Your child’s well-being is in your hands. The online world is dangerous and cyber crimes are soaring each day. Protecting your child and nurturing them go for healthy choices is the sole responsibility of a parent. Online fraudulent activities are common and your teenage child may get duped any time. Sharing personal and financial information to somebody unknown can be very dangerous. Smartphones and tablets are one of the main roots of disturbance when misused. So shaping the future of your kids lies in your hands. A good monitoring app will help you to be aware of your kid’s smartphone activities and prevent them from doing anything wrong.


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