Google always keen of technology leaders, it’s all services very helpful for internet users and Android mobile users. Google already implemented OK Google voice search in its search engine services. Now it’s expanded to any message services, like WhatsApp, Email, WeChat and much more.
ok google voice services

Send text message using voice

The user can open the Google Apps and provide the commands to make a message like “OK Google send Email to John” it will be open your Gmail account and pick the John from your Gmail contacts. If more than one name John available in your contact it will be confirmed; what John you need to send a message, after your confirmation you can say message it will send to the contact as a text message. You can also send the WhatsApp message by using command of “OK Google send Whatsapp message”


Serch very faster

“OK Google” voice service very helpful to search your long keywords whenever to use the mobile or tablet. It will be more convenient for everyone for using voice command instead of text input, the user can also open the website and access by using this services.


Add Reminder and Make calls

This services also helpful to add a new reminder in your Google Calander by using voice command. This is easier to add reminder instead of manual actions. Also whenever you are in driving or gym you can make calls to other using OK Google voice services.


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