An easy way to access Android mobile from your computer

Already many people using Android smart phone but some people still using low resolution smart phone, so that they are struggle to access their mobile phone especially keypad. How they can access their low resolution mobile without any struggle? In … Readmore +

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An easy way to create Virtual Hard Disk in Windows 8 Computer

Hard Disk partition is important for Windows computer performance. Most of the computer hard disk partition in to two drives as ‘C’ and ‘D’. Typically in C drive many people using only system related applications and D drive maintain working … Readmore +

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Best 5 Free live Chat software to increase your online business

Nowadays most of the business through online, many products already sold out through eCommerce websites. But how they are answered website visitor questions? Email or live chat software. Email response is not stick with visitor to buy the products, because … Readmore +

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How to back up your Gmail content to Microsoft Outlook account?

Microsoft is a one place to login all your Microsoft accounts such as Windows live, Hotmail. Also you can manage one drive, Contacts, Calendar, Word Online, PowerPoint Online, and Excel Online. This email improved user interface to make easier … Readmore +

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Why Notepad++ most important for every one?

Windows default Notepad text editor open many file formats such as txt, xml, html, aspx, php and log files. But file size more than 5 MB, this will be struggle to open. Notepad++ text editor open many format file with … Readmore +

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Why website Account Suspended. What should you do?

Recently my website hosting Account suspended. I contacted my web hosting provider regarding this issues they told my website has phishing attacked, so that blocked my website from their web hosting. Also, they told must remove and recreate my hosting … Readmore +

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How to get customer feedback for your website?

Already more than 80 million websites online. How many websites, user can access without any difficulties? Now-a-days many products sell by online. User can directly view the complete details of the products through websites. Basically eCommerce website should be easy … Readmore +

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How to download Android Apps from Google play store to your computer?

Everyone knows Android is a leader of mobile device operating system. This is best performance operating system also provide the huge number of free apps from Google play store. Now-a-days most of the people using smart phone also many people … Readmore +

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An easy way to delete unwanted content from PDF files

PDF file usage is anywhere, nowadays more than fifty percentages of online documents format is PDF. Many eBook also in PDF format, why because PDF reader is free of charge and it’s already installed most of the people computer and … Readmore +

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How to edit photos from your smart phone?

Many people using their smart phone like a camera, because always capture images and upload directory mobile to social media website, like Facebook. Some images needs to be improve for color contrast or some other things. In this situation people … Readmore +

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