How to make predefined email content template in Gmail

Bloggers always helps to others problems through email answers. Many time they received same question for solve problems. In this situation writing reply email is take much more time, so some people maintain predefined email content template in separate documents. … Readmore +

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Most Important Tips for Firefox Browser Users

Firefox is one of the famous browsers in internet users. In this browser have many advanced feature high security level. But many people are not aware about all Firefox features. In this topic explain about most important tips and tricks … Readmore +

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How to save computer power without close running applications

Windows operating system always provides many cool feature. Power saving option is on of most important features in windows. Some people makes their windows PC or laptop frequently ideal. In this situation they must use shutdown or set to sleep … Readmore +

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How to sync Firefox browser data one computer to another?

Firefox browser always provides the high feature and more secured, so that many people used Firefox browser. Browsers data synchronize are one of the most important features in Firefox. Firefox user can synchronize their computer browser data such as bookmarks, … Readmore +

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How to Transfer Big Files Secure with Free of Cost

Usually we cannot send huge size file via email. Huge size of file will not accept any email. Many online application available for transfer big size of files. But they are providing huge amount or less security. Following websites provides … Readmore +

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Kingsoft Office Best alternative software for MS Office

Microsoft Office is very important software for everyone. But some people feel this license cost is very huge amount, why because they are doing just simple work of Word document, Excel document and Power Point presentation. In this cause they … Readmore +

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Backup and Restore Browser Bookmarks

All are using browser bookmark for remembrance important website URL. But sometimes if we make format or uninstall the browser without note bookmark, we will lose our all bookmarks. We can solve this problem by getting backup browser bookmarks. Following … Readmore +

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Most important Tips for USB Drive

Now a day everyone use USB drive, for getting backup data’s from your computer or Laptops. USB backup is very famous method gets the backup files rather than CD or DVD backups. Also High volume USB price is very low. … Readmore +

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Make Inappropriate content filter using Google Safety Centre

Internet usage is most important today for everyone. Now a day’s entire family using internet for improve knowledge.  We must prevent adult websites from children’s. Many people also don’t like adult content websites. But when we try to search by … Readmore +

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How to make survey using Google forms

Many companies take their products survey on particular interval. In larger companies have separate development team doing this work. But small level companies don’t have separate team for this development process. So they are spent more money for this survey. … Readmore +

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