Technology has been phenomenal in changing the world in all possible ways. The effects of the latest technology and development can be seen in every field of life. If we talk about a person and technology, we have a lot of things better than in the past. Now a person has internet and the whole world in his pocket in form of the best smartphones. A person has access to all the best health services, online classes and what not.


No one can deny the fact that technology has revolutionized the world. With every passing day, we see many tech developments around the world. Smartphones, fast internet, electric cars, latest healthcare services, best safety measures, and apps- life is getting better. We are indeed blessed to have such latest tech facilities. All thanks to the scientists and tech companies who are working day and night for offering us the best services.


If technology has benefited us in every possible way, that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about its dark side.
It will be fair injustice to ignore the other side of tech and ignore it completely. The other side of the new services and the latest technology is pretty scary and we may be sad to know how harmful it can get in the near future. Smartphones are for our service but their use is going beyond the limits and they are ruing lives. Everyone around is phone addict spending a considerable amount of time on the screen.


Kids, young as well as aged people have become phone and internet addicts. The social media has added fuel to the fire by offering platforms where people can spend hours without getting bored. Nowadays, kids are wasting their time on social media and dating sites. They can spend this time in studies but parents are completely ignorant of what their kids do.


Harms of Latest Technology

We will not talk about artificial intelligence or other complex things. We are just going to evaluate the harms of commonly used technology like smartphones, the internet, social media, computers, porn and adult sites, and a few others.


The increasing use of smartphones has become a serious issue not only for kids but the adults as well. Teens and kids love these tech devices. They also have access to the internet so they can browse, search and do everything. From games to social media, and adult content- teens are ruing their lives.


The other possible harm is the internet. The uncontrolled use of the internet is engaging kids in many harmful activities. Kids are phones and internet for social media as well as dating sites. Through dating sites, they find partners and meet strangers. This compromises their safety. This is really a huge concern for all the parents because many teens have been killed when they went to meet their date.


The use of social media among teens is increasing. The kids are very careless when it comes to what to share online and what to keep private. Teens share their photos, family pictures, and locations on the social sites. They become vulnerable to the predators, bullies as well as sex offenders.


What Parents Should Do in This Regard?

Now the question is what parents can do to deal with these possible harms of the latest technology. The first thing they can do is to educate the kids and teens about the dangers. They should also use a spy app that allows them to keep eyes on the online activities of their kids. With such an app, parents can ensure the safe use of the internet as well as smartphones for their teens.


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