Now a day most of the mobile phone look like a power bank, because of those mobile phone battery backup is very long time. Many mobiles come with more than 4000 mAh like Mi Mobiles, but how the mobile user can actually reduce the overheating? Probably you need to reduce the mobile battery processing, because if your battery always InProgress then the mobile will be overheating and reduce the mobile battery life. Following steps guide you to prevent the smartphone overheating.

Minimize the app usage and Mobile Data

If you installed in many apps in your mobile you must turn off the unused Mobile apps, because some apps services running in the background. Also needs to turn off the mobile data, it will make your battery always InProgress.


Adjust the brightness

You have to maintain your brightness for power save mode, if you use brighter then your battery will more effort and your mobile will be more heater. So always make it your display brightness as medium level and set it into auto adjust.


Avoid Overcharging

Overcharging is one of the important points to burn the mobile, some people always make the charging on night hours. In this case, they forgot to switch off of the power once battery fully charged. Battery overcharging will make your mobile more heater, as well as your battery life, will be reduced.


Remove covers

Some people use the mobile accessories for the stylish look, but most of the covers are not set the proper air circulation. So that mobile will be heated, if you would like to reduce the head you must avoid the mobile accessories.


Avoid direct sunlight

Sunlight will increase the heat of your mobile, so you must avoid keeping your mobile in direct sunlight. Also, this will damage your battery life, as well as reduce the usage of hardware.


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