Printing features is one of important for computer. But now many people using their mobile or Tablet as a computer. You can read and write document from mobile devices. How can you print document from mobile devices? Google Provide the solution through Google Cloud Print, using this feature you can print document from anywhere and any devices.

google cloud print architecture


Step 1: Synchronize your printer to Google Cloud Print

  1. Turn ON Printer with computer which is connected to the printer.
  2. Open the Google Chrome browser
  3. Go to Settings by click on Customize and Control Google Chrome button in the top right corner
  4. In settings page scroll down and click Show advanced settings link.
  5. Under Google Cloud Print area click on Manage button
  6. Then click on Add printers button
  7. Now browser will be redirect to Google Account Login screen
  8. After login your Gmail account by default all configured printer will be displayed
  9. Select printer and click Add printers button
  10. Now selected printer will be synchronized to Google Cloud Print


Step 2: Synchronize your Mobile devices to Google Cloud Print

You can print document from android mobile or tablet by doing following steps:

  1. Download and install the Could Print apps from Google Play store
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Under Accounts area select Add account
  4. Add Gmail account which you already synchronized to Google Cloud Print
  5. Now your mobile device also synchronized to Google Cloud Print


Step 3: Print from Mobile devices

  1. Open Cloud Print Apps in your android mobile
  2. Select the files by click on print icon
  3. After selected files click on Printer
  4. Print Preview page will be displayed, you can adjust any settings here than click on Print icon
  5. Now your document will be printed
  6. You can also check Printing status in Print Jobs page


Note: Make sure printer and computer (which is connected to the printer) should be online.


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