Email Conversion is not new to the user, they tend to migrate every newly launched email application on which they get their hands on. IncrediMail is a complete package email client application which is all about fun in sending and receiving email messages. The email client comes bundled with a number of impressive features that facilitates user to turn email experience into an impressive one. In addition, the email application provides a number of emoticons and animated notifies which can be used to personalize the way how to send or receive email messages. Also, the IncrediMail email provider supports both IMM and IML files to save IncrediMail email messages.
IncrediMail Viewer Review
By using notable animated characters and emoticons, you can personalize the way you get notified when an email comes in the Outbox. Whereas, it also allows showing long emotions with the email messages that you send. IncrediMail application comes with most reliable email application with advanced and high-level security features. The email client gained the popularity as it is one of the most used types in the category of the email application. Then aspects which make IncrediMail as one of its kind are its eye-catching animations, background themes, skins, emoticons and Ecards in a large number. IncrediMail is similar to other existing email application but sometimes IncrediMail forensics become necessary undertaking.


IncrediMail email client is compatible with most web-based email including Yahoo, Google, Hotmail, and accept the HyperText Markup Language (HTML) format.


How Mails are Stored in IncrediMail?

Emails exchange/generated with the help of IncrediMail that are stored in .imm format. Other default file extensions of IncrediMail are: ima, .imb, .ime, .imf, .imh, .imi, .imn, .imr, etc.
IMM is the file format that stands for IncrediMail e-mail storage. It only saves text files and owing to the same face, it can be opened using text editor too.


Default Location of IncrediMail IMM Files in Windows

Windows XP:
C:/Documents and Settings/{Profile Name}/Local Settings/Application Data/IM/Identities/{GUID}/Message Store/


Windows 7
C:/Users/user/AppData/Local/IM/Indentities/{GUID}/Message Store/


For every corresponding folder existing in the IncrediMail account, there is a corresponding .imm file i.e. Inbox.imm, Outbox.imm and etc. Also for each replica of .imm file, there will display an .imh file. IMH file stands for header file and stores header content of the corresponding .imm file. IncrediMail load both the files concurrently on the account being accessed, to display the email storage to the user.


How to view IMM file?

IMM files of IncrediMail are found only in IncrediMail desktop mail client. The email client delivers the benefit to managing multiple accounts as mentioned previously. All the emails configured will get a store in .imm format. So far, there is no standalone platform to read .imm file except for IncrediMail itself. So, need to depend on third party application arises.


Generally, third party applications are recommended to view .imm files without using IncrediMail application. One such application is IncrediMail IMM Viewer. It is a standalone program which is capable of reading and displaying .imm file content without the help of IncrediMail. The software functions without IncrediMail and thus, make it easier for users to read the mail storage. IncrediMail Viewer bridges the gap with its existence by letting users read IncrediMail IMM files without any external support. The application is built with multiple modes to view IncrediMail messages for a detailed examination of the source, sender and etc. The application has been designed by using a powerful algorithm and yet developed in an intuitive manner.


No manual procedure is available to read IncrediMail IMM files. This can only be accomplished by using the mentioned software without dealing with any loss of data.

Follow the steps to successfully view IncrediMail files.

  • Quickly Launch and Install the software on the system
  • Browse .imm files from stored location to start the process
  • After the successful process, the message will appear showing Conversion Completed Successfully.


Note: IncrediMail has many extra offerings to make email fun, it has also some basic aspects that make emails part of everyday life. The software holds inbuilt spell checker address book and adaptable choice of arranging and filtering the inbox and outbox.


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