Many people using WhatsApp for communicating to others by text message, WhatsApp will notify when you receive the new message. But when you are driving or in a gym, you can’t read the message immediately, even if it is an important message. So how can you read the message by voice in Android mobile?
WhatsApp text to speech

Message Reader for WhatsApp

Message to reader for WhatsApp Android app helps to read the text message by voice using Google text-to-speech features. This app has many features such as if you have connected the headphone, Bluetooth while driving or gym it will use the particular devices only not a phone speaker. You can cancel the speech option when you open the WhatsApp, Also user can change the volume and language options.


This app also supports Group chat message reader option enable or disable as per our decision. If you are using Samsung mobile then you can also change the Samsung text-to-speech features. You can just install this app from Google Play store and read the text message by hassle free by voice. If you would like to immediately reply this message by voice, you can use the Google App “OK Google” voice services.


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