Advancement in technology meant the rise of the digital world and the downfall of the analog world. This was bound to happen due to the ease of use coupled with impeccable features. It made the handling of data so easy and in many different ways which pleased the user. We have become over-dependent upon it. One flaw and disadvantage both analog and the digital world had that once erased or deleted; there was no way to recover deleted files. While there are ways to recover the data in smartphones, it was shameful that computers didn’t withhold such abilities.


The birth of ultimate software to recover deleted files

Sighting such unrest and requirement of the tool meant that software that performed this duty by the name of Ease US data recovery was born. This software was very important and useful and it was successful too but it didn’t really reach its full popularity potential. This was because of not many people bother to look for such software because even if they manage to find it, they don’t often get to access them as they are very pricey and if not so expensive then they were too technical and complex to use by the average user. EaseUS has overcome these difficulties by being free and easy to use for the public.


Glaring feature of this amazing software to recover deleted files

With such features, it became the first free data recovery software which recovered long lost deleted files in the blink of an eye. While it also holsters a paid version, but that is more advanced and for much bigger data losses, usually found in for commercial and business use. The free version should be sufficient for the average person using a personal computer for their personal satisfaction.


Can you recover deleted files indefinitely with this software?

While many people don’t even realize they have deleted files until they need it for future use and some rely upon recycling bin. It is important to note that Recycle Bin is a flawed feature as it has a data limit and once it is exceeded, it removes files and data from it automatically and permanently. On the other hand, EaseUS can recover data even deleted a year ago and can scan entire hard drives in a matter of minutes.


What all you can do with this software apart from to recover deleted files?

Its properties go on to even recovering data from SD cards and USB flash drives when connected or associated with the computer. It can recover data from all sorts of mishaps ranging from Lost Partition Recovery, Hard Disk Damage, Virus Attack Recovery, and even OS Crash Recovery. This recovery software has saved so many works and hassle for people because, during the absentee of this software, recovering data was hard work. It had to be done by a professional or some repairer but now, anyone can do it on the comforts of their home. The amazing software is available on Windows and IOS and also has a different version for smartphones.


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