Data loss is the worst scenario faced by businesses. Besides information loss, data loss also includes loss of money, time, and productivity in a single entity as businesses’ total dependency is in the data. The impact of data loss is not only for professionals but also for individual users.


Data Loss

When individual users find themselves in such adverse situation, they get frustrated as their valuable data be it videos, photos, audios, credit card information, banking details, etc. are lost.
According to the survey carried out in January 2017 by 41 IT professionals, here is a list of reasons leading to Data Loss.

Factors that Cause Data Loss

  • Hardware and system failure contributes around 31%
  • Human error contributes around 29%
  • Virus attack or malware contributes around 29%

Some Disturbing Data Loss Statistics

  • According to Gartner Group, every year, near about 25% of PC users suffer from data loss
  • According to DTI/PriceWaterhouseCoopers, within a year, 7 small firms out of 10 goes out of business due to a data loss
  • According to Contingency Planning & Strategic Research Corp, on an average 96% of business workstations are not backed up


Apart from these, there are several other statistics that support the same. However, with the fast-evolving technology available to us, a solution is close at hand.

Methods to Curb Data Loss

Several approaches are in use to recover deleted files. Some of the common methods are as follows:

Solution 1: Backup

Backup is, by far, the most effective, easiest, reliable, secure, and powerful approach to regain lost, deleted or inaccessible file. It requires no solid inputs. If you are taking it on-site, you simply have to enable it once and set to the Auto Mode and if taking it off-site, then you have to keep updating at regular intervals.


What to do next, if you have not taken the backup or if a backup fails due to any reason such as corruption?

Solution 2: Restore Previous Version

It is a Windows built-in recovery module to retrieve lost or deleted files. To access this, you need to ensure you have enabled the restore points, as the previous versions come from them.


What if you have not enabled the restore points?

In such a situation when both solutions fail, then you have to follow a particular manual approach intended for a specific file format. For instance, if your file is the spreadsheet, you can use the Office Document Recovery, Restore from Recovery File, MS Office Repair option, etc. Moving forward, if the file you lost is a Word document, you can use Word’s Auto Recover Tool or Search Temporary Files. Last but not the least, if the file is a video, then you can use the Hex Editor Program, codec, etc.

Therefore, you will have to use different approaches for recovering different file formats. However, the points to take into account is that being manual methods, these ways do not ensure authenticity to recover the data entirely. In addition, it also requires a certain technical expertise.


Alternative Approach: Using a Third-party Tool

The software approach is highly preferred as it is completely free from manual intervention, risks, or further aggravation. Moreover, it is powerful, easy, safe, dependable, and does not demand technical expertise. Well, to try, you can opt for Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home.

It is all-in-one data recovery software to recover your lost or deleted data, be it documents, videos, audio, spreadsheets, or presentations. Its powerful scanning engine backs this software and helps in precise and efficient recovery within a short span of time. Whether, you have recovered data from deleted volumes, formatted volumes, inaccessible partition, you can count on this software.

If we talk about its functionality, then, it will not be erroneous to say, it is very easy—Select, Scan, and Repair.

Steps to recover are as follows:
Step 1: Select Data Type and Location
Data Type Selection

Location Selection


Step 2: Scan & Preview
Scanning Progress

Preview Recoverable Files


Step 3: Recover by check marking the desired files and specifying the desired location



Follow the inclusive guide to recover lost different format files. As already discussed, manual methods have risks associated with it, thus selecting them may lead to further aggravation. Therefore, leveraging a third-party data recovery software such as Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home is the sure shot solution!


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