Now a day most of the people using Dual SIM smartphone, also they are trying to use the WhatsApp for both mobile numbers. But WhatsApp defaults not support more than one number at this time. So, how can you add two WhatsApp number on single mobile devices?

Run more than one WhatsApp single mobile devices

OGWhatsApp provides the solution to run the more than one WhatsApp number on single mobile devices. This App helps to add the two WhatsApp number on one mobile device. Following steps guide you to make you can do this feature:

  1. First, you have to backup your WhatsApp data
  2. Then Download and install the OGWhatsApp on your mobile devices
  3. Delete your all of the user information in the app
  4. Rename the WhatsApp Directory into OGWhatsApp using file manager
  5. Verify your old number in the OG version of WhatsApp and verify your new number in the normal version

Now you can use the Two WhatsApp number in single mobile devices.


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