Samsung releases two hyped smartphone flagships each year; one in the Galaxy S series and another one in the Galaxy Note series. Simultaneously, the other low, mid and high ranged smartphones keep showing up in the market but these two are the energy sources for all other phones – since these two are devices whose design, ergonomics and UI effects all the available smartphones in the market for the year. However, since Samsung has already made their debut with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge only few days ago; it’s time to start anticipating stuff about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release.
Samsung Galaxy Note 5
The Samsung Galaxy Note series since its debut in 2011; has been one most productive series in the device lineup. The Galaxy Note 4 is the latest addition with everything upgraded you wonder could have! Now that more smartphones are getting into the market these days, the specs are getting higher as well. By the time Samsung Galaxy Note 5 makes its way to the market in the Q3 of 2015, how much of the scenario is likely to change? Probably, a lot; and what changes do we expect from the Samsung galaxy Note 5? It’s time to make wild guesses. Whatever the Galaxy Note 5 is yet to unveil, they must be surprising enough to drop our jaws.


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with Dual Edge Display

Before the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge got released, we had heard about a Note 5 with two edges on both side of the display. This seemed less surprising to us since we have had the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge already by then. We were actually surprised to see a dual edges Galaxy S smartphone. However, the release of such a display makes us strongly believe that the Galaxy Note 5 might also have such dual edges on this smartphone.


4K Display

The forthcoming phablet hasn’t stated anything for sure. But one thing we like to believe is about the 4K display. Brilliant displays with dripping colors are Samsung’s forte and the best way to showcase such creativity in the current market is a 4K display. On the Galaxy Note 4, Samsung has introduced a QHD display. This is not necessarily a parameter for what’s going to show up next; it’s still a factor that indicates that Samsung improves their display with every generation upgrade. If the upgrade keeps going on this way, we aren’t standing too far from having 4K displays on smart devices. Samsung might just be the pioneer, like the Galaxy Note series itself.

The display dimensions are more likely to get bigger than the previous iteration. We are hoping to see a 5.9 inch display with 2160×3840 pixels resolution resulting in 746 ppi pixel density. Increasing the display size would only make the phone a worthy competitor against the Nexus 6 and also, iPhone 7 to some extent.



Even if the actual Galaxy Note doesn’t get a dual edged display, there could be a second version like the Galaxy Note Edge with edges on display to both sides. Few more months need to pass before these things start getting into development.


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