Nowadays all people save the important data to cloud apps, such as Google Drive, OneDrive and many more. The Government of India also provide the secure cloud storage for all people, by using this everyone can upload their important document with a secure mode. If you synchronize with Aadhaar, then it will be fetched the most important data which is linked with Aadhaar.

Secure your important documents with DigiLocker

Most of the Indian state government also supported the DigiLocker facility to synchronize its public service documents for the people. Such as Driving license, CBSE school certificate, State board school mark sheet, District administration documents and many more. You can pull these documents as your needs, you can also upload the scanned documents for any verification purpose and share the document with the secure mode. You can also update the latest Aadhaar details with one click. All of your data high secure on the internet, so you don’t worry about anything.


How it works?

You can sign up for DigiLocker apps from your smartphone and synchronize your Aadhaar for verification the get the document from all available issuers. If you would like to share the document with any requester you can just share the document and get verified from the requester. This will be the very easy process in future you will get all government-related services through DigiLockers.


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