Secret Photo Vault is a simple yet powerful tool that gives you the freedom to keep your data secure in the password-protected vault. Here, you can save private & important photos & videos with dual-password protection. You can use this effective app to avoid security breach caused due to curious onlookers and cybercriminals. App offers abundant useful features to manage your data on your device. Let’s discuss some of these useful features here.

Features of the App

Secure Photos & Videos:

This is the primary feature of the app that allows you to store all your important and personal photos & videos in the password-protected vault. Here, the app allows you to move all your important data to the vault and it will erase the data from the original location (with your permission). Thus, it will protect unauthorized access to data effectively. It is useful to keep your data protected from curious onlookers and cybercriminals. The app allows you to import individual files or an entire batch of photos folder or even camera roll.
secure photos & videos

Dual-Password Protection:

To provide enhanced security features, the app offers dual-password protection. Here, the app creates a master password first to help you unlock the app and the second password to lock all important albums within the app. It is more like making your device full-proof against any kind of threat.
dual password protection

Fingerprint Unlock:

Apart from the 4-digit password, you can also use fingerprint ID to lock your vault. It is an advanced and useful feature that blocks unauthorized access to your data by anyone.


Local Storage:

App keeps all your data on your device storage only. It never saves your data on its own servers. Thus, you can rely on this app for better data protection. Further, your data remain well within your reach anytime.


Password Recovery:

While operating this app, you can create a master password for the app and submit an email ID to recover your lost password in case you missed it somehow. Here, once you submit the email ID, it will send you password details on provided email ID for future reference.
password recovery

Stealth Mode:

The App designed with effective security mechanism where you can’t access app’s activities on your recent apps menu. This stealth mode allows you to use anytime anywhere as per your needs without worrying about traces left behind the app.


Photo Management:

App offers you greater control over your data with plenty useful photo management features. Here, you can use the built-in camera to take pictures or videos, copy hidden photos to other albums, import or export photos from gallery, create multiple image folders, email photos and perform various other tasks.
photo management

Preview Option:

Using this app, you can preview photos in a slideshow to decide whether you want to retain them or delete. Here, you can email selected photos or delete them instantly to recover precious storage space.
preview option

Video Support:

App allows you to shoot videos using built-in camera in the app. Further, you can import or export videos from the gallery on a device or watch them within the app.


The Verdict of the App:

Secret Photo Vault is meticulously designed to provide you tailored security services. Here, the app offers you greater control over your data as using this app you can secure your data in the password-protected vault, share it via email, import or export data, create multiple image folders and much more. In the scenario of greater security threats and possible data breach, we highly suggest you this effective app to keep your data safe and secure from any possible threat.


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