Many people always wondering send Schedule mail from Gmail for some reasons. By default Gmail don’t support this feature. rightinbox browser plugin provides schedule email and email reminder features through browsers plugin. Using this plugin you can send email later as you wish. Also you can set email reminder for particular mails. This plugin will support Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari browsers.


Enable rightinbox plugin

  1. Install the rightinbox plugin on Google Chrome browser.
  2. After installed the plugin restart the browser and login to Gmail account
  3. First time rightinbox require your confirmation to add this feature to your Gmail account
  4. send late email from gmail

  5. Click accept button. Now rightinbox schedule email feature added your Gmail account


Send Schedule Mail

  1. Click compose button New email window will be open
  2. After compose your email click on Send Later button
  3. send later email in gmail

  4. Here you can select any one of time as you wish to send
  5. You can also send your own time by click on the At a specific time link
  6. You can also customize your own time to this list by click on customize this menu button
  7. Customize Send Later Menu window will be open, here default time will be displayed you can add more custom time by click on Add more button.
  8. schdule email from gmail

  9. After set the scheduled time, your email will be queued in Draft box
  10. You can also edit or delete schedule mail in draft box
  11. Schedule email will be send automatically as your specific time


Email Remainder

Rightinbox email remainder helps to remind your important email conversation. Using this feature you don’t lose any important mail or conversation.

  1. Open your important mail
  2. Click on the Remind button than select any one of specific time to remind
  3. reminder email in gmail

  4. You can also add your own time to remind by click on At a Specific time link
  5. After that email will remind you as your specific time.


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