Today’s everyone using WhatsApp but typing process is always tedious for all people because if they would like to type more then one sentence, they have to struggle to type. So, people always would like to set up the voice to text on WhatsApp.
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Configure Voice to Text message on WhatsApp

Following steps guide you to set up voice to text message on WhatsApp with your own language in Android mobile:

  1. First, you need to install Gboard Apps on your mobile
  2. After installed Go to settings -> Language & Input – > Gboard
  3. voice-to-text-on-whatsapp-01

  4. In Gboard keyboard settings page select the Languages
  5. voice-to-text-on-whatsapp-02

  6. Click on the Add keyboard button
  7. voice-to-text-on-whatsapp-03

  8. Here you have to select your language what you would like to include
  9. voice-to-text-on-whatsapp-04

  10. After select, your language click on Add button
  11. voice-to-text-on-whatsapp-05

  12. Now your languages will be added to your keyboard
  13. voice-to-text-on-whatsapp-06

  14. Then open the WhatsApp and select the people or group which you would like to send the message
  15. Select the cursor on the Type a message area, it will open the keyboard
  16. Click on the globe icon, it will open the change keyboard window
  17. voice-to-text-on-whatsapp-07

  18. Here you have to select your language
  19. Now the keyboard will change to your selected language.
  20. voice-to-text-on-whatsapp-08

  21. Click on the mic icon to speak your message, it will convert into text with your own language.
  22. voice-to-text-on-whatsapp-09

Please be note while converting voice to text message you have to slowly and clearly speak to convert the right message.


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