Sometimes people would like to share their current location to others for the security reasons. If the women or child going alone then they can share their current location with their family or friends. In this case how they can share the location through WhatsApp?

Share Current location to others via WhatsApp

  1. Open WhatsApp in your mobile
  2. Select the contact, which you would like to share the location
  3. Click on the Attach icon in the Type a message area
  4. Then click on the Location button, it will open the window
  5. Select Share live location option to share your current location


Share Current location via Google Maps

  1. Open Google map App in your mobile
  2. Click on the drawer icons to open the menu
  3. Select Location sharing link
  4. A window will be open for sharing location, click on GET STARTED button
  5. A confirmation window will be open, here you can choose the sharing real-time location by hours or Until you turn this off the settings
  6. If you choose the hours it will be sharing only just 1 hour after that it will automatically turn off
  7. Click on the WhatsApp icon (if you would like to send with another app then you can click on the more button to select the app)
  8. WhatsApp will be open, here you have to select the contact which you would like to share the location
  9. Once they received the link, they need to just click on the link
  10. It will open the Google Maps with your current locations
  11. They can also share their location with you by enable on the “Share your location” options


Please be the note if the person reaches the destination must be turn off the sharing options otherwise your mobile battery drain quickly.


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