Sometimes people working on network computer using Remote Desktop connections. Mostly this Remote Desktop connection using a system administrator to solve network computer problems. They can sit in different places and connect the network computer using Windows (Remote Desktop Protocol) RDP features. Once they fix the issues to finish the work if they try to shutdown that computer but shutdown option will not be appearing. Then how they can Shutdown the network computer remotely?

Shutdown Windows computer remotely

People can shutdown the network computer remotely by using following steps:

Option 1: command line

  1. Click on the Windows Key
  2. In the search, window enter “cmd”
  3. It will open command line window
  4. Then type “shutdown /s” enter
  5. Now the remote computer will be shutdown less than a minute


Option 2: command line

  1. In windows command line enter “shutdown -i”
  2. It will open Remote Shutdown Dialog
  3. Under Computer section click on Add button
  4. It will open the Add computer window, enter the computer name and click OK
  5. Enable the Warn users of the action option, it will be notifying the remote computer user
  6. Then enter the comment of the shutdown
  7. Then click OK to start the shutdown process


Option 3: Windows Interface

  1. Click on Ctrl+Alt+End
  2. Then remote computer logoff window will be displayed
  3. In right side bottom, you have shutdown options, you can click on the shutdown button to shutdown the remote computer normal way


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