Many people connecting the internet through Ethernet in their computers. Sometimes windows computer Ethernet not working properly, here we have listed the possibilities to resolve the Ethernet not working issues in the Windows computers.

Check the cable connected properly

Sometimes the capable not properly plugged in so you need to check the ethernet cable in your computer as well as the internet modem. Also, you can switch OFF and ON the modem power to try this will solve the network error issues.


Reinstall drivers

You need to update the driver or Re-install the ethernet card drivers. You can do by using the following setups:

  1. Go to computer and right click to select Manage
  2. Here you have to select the Device manager
  3. Under the Network adapter, you can select your Ethernet driver and right click to uninstall the driver and reinstall
  4. This will help to resolve the issues in the Ethernet driver side problems


Check the Antivirus blocking status

Sometimes your computer antivirus block the Ethernet drivers, by testing purpose temporally you have to turn off the Antivirus then you have to check the Ethernet working status. If the problems come for Antivirus then you have to add the exception list.


Check the network IP status

If you are using group network then you have to change the IP address in your computer, sometimes your internet proxy blocks the particular IP address. Many time we resolve our computer Ethernet issue by doing this step to resolve.


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