Some people always exclaim their windows computer slow down while working. Typically windows computer is not slowdown; it is based on the apps usage or depends upon the Hardware configuration. Some people still using Pentium 4 or dual core computers. In this configuration will be slow down while using latest apps. Even though if you feel your computer is sleepy, you can wake up and make it prepare for race by doing following steps:


Stop unused Apps:

Always stop unused application while you working on. When your windows computer starting, some application will be open automatically based on your settings. These apps will be getting some space in RAM, so that your computer may slowdown. You can check and stop unused application by click task bar icons.

speedup windows computer


Uninstall unwanted software

Some people installed some software for testing purpose and they forgot to uninstall if it not unused. Make sure while install the software which is downloaded from internet, sometimes additional software also installed without your knowledge. You must regular check your programs area, If you feel any software is not used, immediately uninstall that software.


Minimize Visual effects

Latest versions of windows operating system have rich visual effects. Sometime this is also slowdown if your computer low configuration. You can solve this problems by minimize your windows visual effects. By doing following steps:

  1. Open Start menu
  2. Right-click on Computer
  3. Click Properties from the context menu
  4. In the left panel, click “Advanced system settings”
  5. System Properties window will be open select Advanced Tab
  6. In the Performance section, click the “Settings” button
  7. In Performance Options window, select Adjust for best performance and click Apply

speedup windows computer

Reboot your computer. Now your windows minimized visual effects and performance will be increased


Keep your Windows up to date

We strongly recommend don’t use pirated windows copy. This will be definitely slow down your computer. You must keep your windows up to date. Windows always provide the best performance through windows update. You can enable windows auto update by using following steps:

  1. Go to control panel
  2. Select Windows update
  3. Click on change setting in side menu bar
  4. Select Install updates automatically and click OK

speedup windows computer

Now your computer will be automatically update whenever update available.


Clean up your hard disk

You must enough space for your computer Hard Disk; this is major concern for slow speed. If your C- drive has very less space, your computer will be slow down. So you need remove unwanted files and make it needful space for C drive. You must remove all temporary files frequently. Many tools available for clean up your windows computer. CCleaner is one of the famous disk cleanup tools.


Defragmentation your hard disk

Defragmentation is ordered your empty space. Basically when we delete the files in windows this will be increase the hard disk space but this will not make order. Windows Defragmentation makes order your empty space and speed your computer performance.

  1. Go to run and enter defragment
  2. Defragment optimize window will be open select Hard Drive and click Optimize button

speedup windows computer

After optimized reboot your computer, now your computer will be faster.


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