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4 Reasons Why You Need an Antivirus for Your Business

We are living in a world where cyber-attacks have become the order of the day. Businesses all over the world loss data as a result of malicious Individuals, and according to research, 90% of them go out of business as … Readmore +

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Is Your Business Really Protected?

Digital security is now firmly situated at the top of every business owners’ priority list. This is as it should be. Since your entire company likely depends on digital technology to one degree or another, you simply can’t afford to … Readmore +

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How to Protect Data by AOMEI Backupper and Defense WannaCry Ransomware?

If you are using Windows 7, you may encounter ransomware virus in recent days, especially WannaCry, also known as WannaCrypt, WannaCryptor, Wanna Decryptor or WNCRY. There are already many news that there are great many (over 230,000 on 18th) computers … Readmore +

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Why Windows computer CPU usage always 100 percentage?

Sometimes windows operating system users experienced their computer very slow down issues; if they check their computer CPU usage it will occupied 100 percentage. After close all using application; it will not reduce the CPU usage, in this cause they … Readmore +

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How McAfee antivirus support help you kick off security fears?

Terrified with a bug in your system? Fearing that important files may get corrupt? We keep using internet endless in a day for various reasons and it is nothing unusual at the present time. There is no denying to the … Readmore +

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Top 5 free Android Apps secure your mobile devices

Nowadays sometimes smartphones affected by viruses, many people sharing the photos and videos from their computer. Many viruses moved through this files so every smartphone must have installed antivirus software to avoid the virus attack. Here we have listed top … Readmore +

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Top 10 Free Antivirus software make your computer more secure

Virus Attack is biggest tragic for every computer and mobile devices. Everyday new computer viruses created and affected millions of computer worldwide. Typically most of the computer virus spread through internet. So if you have connected internet in your computer … Readmore +

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