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How to Harness the Power of Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing has taken the software industry by storm, and for good reason. Deploying applications in the cloud enables you to deploy only the services you need for your infrastructure, dynamically scale to meet the demands of your users without … Readmore +

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Save Important Documents with DigiLocker

Nowadays all people save the important data to cloud apps, such as Google Drive, OneDrive and many more. The Government of India also provide the secure cloud storage for all people, by using this everyone can upload their important document … Readmore +

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Everyone should know about Important Google Drive Settings

Google Drive provided the free cloud space for everyone, most of the people using this free space for maintaining their important documents, Photos and much more. But still, some people do not effectively use the Google Drive. Here we have … Readmore +

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Should You Consider an Alternative To iCloud?

The answer through the tech world is a resounding yes and is backed up by the 40 million iCloud accounts that were at risk in 2016. Although Apple gives its assurance that users are fairly safe, it can’t guarantee that … Readmore +

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Witty details for increasing your Cloud Security

Today, people are using cloud services both for their private and business purposes. It is expected that by 2018, about 60% of the cloud performances will be related to infrastructure-as-a-service software tools (research by Cisco). In the light of these … Readmore +

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How Cloud helps for Business?

Even though it is not a new concept and it is already fully utilized in practice, but dealing with your business in the Cloud is one way to ensure better security and better efficiency. Moreover, working from the Cloud offers … Readmore +

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What Can Cloud Do For Office Savings

The times when you needed a heap of data storage devices and dozens of licenses for different software services and programs are behind us. Thanks to the development of cloud, conducting a business is going through ground-breaking changes and the … Readmore +

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