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Protect Joomla websites from spammer attack using Firewall

Already many Joomla CMS websites are hosted online for business and personal purpose. Joomla is secure CMS application they are provide security updates frequently, even though some RCE vulnerabilities always threaten Joomla websites. Many spammers always try to attack the … Readmore +

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How to protect WordPress and Joomla website from Virus Attack?

Many people hosted WordPress and Joomla websites for personal and business purpose, at the same time many websites affected from virus attacks. Many hackers insert the virus files to server folder by using URL POST command, also Joomla and WordPress … Readmore +

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5 Best Free CMS software for business

Today’s every business must need website to promote their products and services. But many small level company still don’t have their own domain name, if you have own website, it will be more helpful for improving your business. Nowadays many … Readmore +

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