Readmore AOMEI-Backupper-for-WannCry-Ransomware-virus

How to Protect Data by AOMEI Backupper and Defense WannaCry Ransomware?

If you are using Windows 7, you may encounter ransomware virus in recent days, especially WannaCry, also known as WannaCrypt, WannaCryptor, Wanna Decryptor or WNCRY. There are already many news that there are great many (over 230,000 on 18th) computers … Readmore +

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Readmore how to move whatsapp images to dropbox

An easy way to move WhatsApp received images to dropbox

WhatsApp is most prepared chat for every smartphone users, many people share photos and videos to their friends. After viewed the photos some people would like to save important files, why because some mobile don’t have enough storage. In this … Readmore +

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Readmore how vlc media palyer best from other player

How VLC best from other media players?

VLC is powerful open source multi-platform multimedia player and this is highly portable framework in all platforms. This player needs only less size of space in all devices with high quality playback and supported with multi languages. This will be … Readmore +

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