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Why shouldn’t you buy a touch screen laptop?

While using a smartphone at all times, it’s laid-back to think that every single display in your life must react to touch. Touch screens are essential on handsets, tablets and 2-in-1 hybrids that transmute from notepads to tabs. They even … Readmore +

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How to install Windows operating system on DOS mode?

Nowadays many budget laptops come without operating systems or come with Linux operating system. But most of the people familiar with Window OS only, so if you buy the new laptop without operating system how can you install the Windows … Readmore +

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How to turn on/off Wi-Fi in Windows Laptop?

Wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi) is most important feature of every laptop, nowadays every laptop comes with these features. Some laptop has specific button to turn or off wireless connectivity so people easy to enable or disable, but many laptop is not … Readmore +

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The Pros of Buying an ultrabook

While generally laptops and notebooks are designed to meet the needs and demands of a wider audience, business ones are designed so that they can meet the requirements of modern-day businessmen. Not only are the packed with nifty features which … Readmore +

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An Easy way to extend Laptop battery life

Most of people using laptop for their personal use, some companies also used laptop to support Uninterruptible Power Supply. Typically all laptop battery backup time will be maximum 3 to 4 hours; many people would like to increase their battery … Readmore +

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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 – Speculations about Release

Microsoft’s Surface is a range of sleek, stylish and very portable computing devices that came out with the launch of Windows 8. Initially, they ran Windows RT OS, had less processing power that was just competing tablets, not the mainstream … Readmore +

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