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Best 5 Android Emulator for Windows computer

Android Emulator is not only for mobile developers, all users can install this apps to view the smartphone phone screen in their computer also access the games and videos. Following best Android emulators are supported to windows computers, all this … Readmore +

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The change in affordability of smartphones

The market is changing There is a big and significant growth change in the smartphone market, and the past few years have been a prime example of how drastic the upcoming years are going to be. Not only did smartphones … Readmore +

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How to install and uninstall Android apps from your computer?

Android mobile has already many features, in Google play store more than million Android apps available. If you would like to install or uninstall apps in your mobile device, you have to connect play store than select that apps and … Readmore +

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How to find your Android Phone IMEI Number

Every mobile phone have unique identification number called IMEI number (International Mobile station Equipment Identity number). This number is very useful for tracking all information about mobile devices. If your mobile stolen you can easy to track your mobile by … Readmore +

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Spy Software for iPhone without Jailbreak

The reason why I am reviewing this spy software for iPhone is because it’s unique and doesn’t require you to jailbreak your expensive iOS devices. Well that doesn’t sum up everything about XNSPY, It has amazing features and different subscription … Readmore +

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How to prevent your Android mobile devices from virus attack?

Typically virus attack is common for every device such as computer, Tablets and mobiles. Most of the people using smartphone and installed many apps, But no one doesn’t know all app is secured, even though Google completely review the standards … Readmore +

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Top 10 Free mobile app for every Android users

In Google play store more than 1000 free apps available for Android mobile, many people still not aware about important apps for their Android smartphone. Here we have listed top 10 important free apps, these apps must for every Android … Readmore +

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Best Data recovery tool for Android Mobile and Tablets

Many Android mobile users mistakenly deleted their important files such as text message, videos, photos, important contact. Nowadays some data recovery tool available for Android mobile devices but most of the software will not work properly or will not take … Readmore +

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Nokia Lumia 435 – Microsoft’s Super Cheap Smartphone

Buying a smartphone these days is not a thing to ponder much, as smartphone makers are now focussing on buyers need along with their pockets. A Microsoft mobile in India has recently introduced a budget smartphone Lumia 435 for just … Readmore +

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LG G4 to flaunt bigger display than G3: Specs revealed

Korean manufacturer LG seems like to be in a real rush. It’s not too far we witnessed the company showing off the G Flex 2, and we are here ready to talk about the heir of very popular LG G3, … Readmore +

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