Readmore Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Dual Edge Display

Samsung releases two hyped smartphone flagships each year; one in the Galaxy S series and another one in the Galaxy Note series. Simultaneously, the other low, mid and high ranged smartphones keep showing up in the market but these two … Readmore +

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How to set Video Wallpaper in Android mobile devices?

Many people would like to set best wallpaper in their mobile devices especially animated image or video wallpaper, this will be make more beautiful their mobile devices. Many Android apps available for display the video as wallpaper, but many apps … Readmore +

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How technology does help business to achieve superior performance?

Ever since the first invention has been made, technological advancements continue to help mankind in general and business sector in specific. From the electronic processing of data to handling complex corporate tasks, technology has helped businesses progress by leaps and … Readmore +

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Top 5 best budget smartphone under INR 10,000 in India [March 2015]

Day by day increasing smartphone world due to most of people changing their smart phones. Some people frequently changing their smartphone to utilize new technology. But people frequently change their high end model smartphones they must spent huge amount for … Readmore +

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3 Best free Android app helps always live with cricket

This is cricket world cup 2015 season and peoples watch the cricket score from their mobile. Many Android users also watch the score using their mobile by using news website but many times website speed is slowdown in mobiles. So … Readmore +

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Readmore nexus 6 mobile features

Features of Eye-popping Google Nexus 6

Motorola Google Nexus 6, the well-known smart-phone which has stolen various customers of iPhone is now available in India. It is been 2 months when the successor of Google Nexus 5 was introduced in our nation. The ultra-quick charging, the … Readmore +

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Readmore how to play flash videos in iPhone

3 Way to Play Flash videos in iPhone

iPhone is the most popular mobile technology leader in the world, everyone knows many cool features available in this phone. This is the reason iPhone is one of highest sales in the mobile market, but still some features is not … Readmore +

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How to Clean up space in Windows Phone?

File Storage space is very important for every smartphone, if free space is very less than mobile performance will be affect. Nowadays most of the windows phone comes with 8 GB internal space, but some model Windows phone still have … Readmore +

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Readmore Sony Xperia Z4

Xperia Z4 – The Flagship from Sony

Sony has introduced both their flagship Xperia Z2 and Z3 this year. So, their upcoming flagship must be Xperia Z4. The future is quite nearer than you think and people already started making assumptions on how the Xperia Z4 might … Readmore +

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Readmore ios9 features and updates

How Apple iOS 9 is best from iOS 8?

Once again, the web space is buzzing with anticipations and expectations. Another Apple OS update is just around the corner and people are already scouring tech forums for jailbreaking tips! Apple lovers all around the world wait impatiently, browsing through … Readmore +

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