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How to enable less secure apps on Google Account?

Google provides the security features of Less secure app this feature is by default disabled. If you would like to configure your Gmail account in outlook or other any other client you must be enabled this feature. Google secure the … Readmore +

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How to enable or disable Picture password on Windows 10

Many people using the strong password for the computer, but sometimes they would like to add the password in the different methods like the voice password or any other option. Windows 10 has the different option to log on the … Readmore +

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10 Safe Tips to Keep in Mind While Shopping Online

It is really important to stay safe online in order to protect yourself. The discounts and bargains on online shopping are humongous. On top of that, some online stores offer further discounts by giving out offers on their products like … Readmore +

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10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Internet Security

Prior to doing all of that next-minuscule online reward bargain hunting and tech care for your FAM’s new appliances, you must learn how to remain safe online. Take action NOW!   At the moment, if you know the nitty-gritties, you … Readmore +

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5 Best Password Manager Secure your online accounts

Password maintain is the biggest headache for everyone, because people using many passwords for a various account. People using a bank account, email account, trading account and many more online account but how they can secure all password in one … Readmore +

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How to enable WhatsApp Two-step Verification?

WhatsApp messenger always secure for transfer the messages to your friends also it has privacy settings, but you can verify your number in any another device. This is security issues because sometimes people can verify your account without your knowledge. … Readmore +

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Best Private Networks for your Mobile unrestrained connection

We notice a reasonable uprise of the usage of smartphones in the last decade. People stay connected all during the day and at night, that what the technology and modern rhythms demand from us. We need more private connections, more … Readmore +

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Firefox Test Pilot Features is really useful for users?

Firefox always released new features with up to date technology, it’s recently released new features called as Test Pilot. This is group of extensions can helps to user browse the internet very faster and more secure with productively also Firefox … Readmore +

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Protect Joomla websites from spammer attack using Firewall

Already many Joomla CMS websites are hosted online for business and personal purpose. Joomla is secure CMS application they are provide security updates frequently, even though some RCE vulnerabilities always threaten Joomla websites. Many spammers always try to attack the … Readmore +

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How to protect WordPress and Joomla website from Virus Attack?

Many people hosted WordPress and Joomla websites for personal and business purpose, at the same time many websites affected from virus attacks. Many hackers insert the virus files to server folder by using URL POST command, also Joomla and WordPress … Readmore +

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