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How to embed YouTube Video on Facebook?

Todays Facebook and YouTube are essential for most of the people for personal or business purpose. Most of the people already started the video marketing through YouTube, sometime people would like to share the video on their huge number of … Readmore +

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How to change Facebook Page Name

Nowadays all the business promotes their brand through Facebook, they can create each brand as the separate Facebook page. Sometimes people need to change their Page name, how they can change the page name?   Change Facebook Page Name Following … Readmore +

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How to Download Instagram Photos and Videos on Android: Quick Steps to Save!

Instagram is the fastest growing photo and video sharing application that allows the user to watch videos and photos. It comes with intuitive features like augmented reality stickers, face filters, boomerang videos and much more. The social networking app is … Readmore +

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How to add friends as Mutual in Facebook?

Facebook is the largest social media, most of the people have an account on this social network. By add the friends, we can create the different group in Facebook, like friends, college friends and much more. Many people add some … Readmore +

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An easy way to Download Videos from Social Medias

Nowadays many useful videos sharing in social media, sometimes people would like to download these videos from all social media. Many tools available for to download the videos from social media website but that is not supported some websites. So … Readmore +

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How to secure Facebook book account?

Nowadays everyone using Facebook account for personal or business use, more than 10 million user account already created in Facebook account. In same time some people lost their account from hackers because they are not aware about account security. Facebook … Readmore +

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Making the internet work for you

In today’s business world it is impossible to imagine a company that’s striving to growth and prosperity and not using the benefits of internet. With the cruel and numerous competitions, it is important to take matters into your hands and … Readmore +

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3 Social Media Tactics to Control ROI

There have never been such a number of business options and ways of giving your firm an incentive to increase your revenue and income. However, a large amount of options also means that people often waste many opportunities and money … Readmore +

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