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OK Google voice services is really helpful for everyone?

Google always keen of technology leaders, it’s all services very helpful for internet users and Android mobile users. Google already implemented OK Google voice search in its search engine services. Now it’s expanded to any message services, like WhatsApp, Email, … Readmore +

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How to Read WhatsApp message by voice in Android devices?

Many people using WhatsApp for communicating to others by text message, WhatsApp will notify when you receive the new message. But when you are driving or in a gym, you can’t read the message immediately, even if it is an … Readmore +

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How Windows 10 Cortana helps to users?

Microsoft recently released Windows 10 preview version, in this version added some new features like Old version start menu with windows 8 tiles design, commend prompt keyboard short cut features, window 10 universal app and many more. Windows 10 highlight … Readmore +

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