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Top 10 Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Wi-Fi Speed in Windows

Slow browsing speed, dropped Wi-Fi signals, inability to stream, wireless dead zones and similar problems occur when you encounter problems with your Wi-Fi network. It may occur due to distance problem, hardware or software issue, interference by other electronic devices … Readmore +

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How to turn on/off Wi-Fi in Windows Laptop?

Wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi) is most important feature of every laptop, nowadays every laptop comes with these features. Some laptop has specific button to turn or off wireless connectivity so people easy to enable or disable, but many laptop is not … Readmore +

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How to connect WiFi modem routers on PC?

Many people using broadband internet connections in their home, nowadays all broadband companies provide the WiFi modem. So you can access the internet to all your mobile devices, still old broadband internet customers using without Wi-Fi modem. In this cause … Readmore +

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Is My Internet Faster than My Neighbor’s?

Many new high-speed Internet customers are surprised to discover that the quality and speed of their Internet connection can sometimes differ from that advertised by their Internet service provider. Although advertised rates usually represent peak averages under ideal conditions, there … Readmore +

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How to make your computer as WiFi Hotspot?

Today’s many broadband connections has WiFi modems, so that you can easy to connect internet in other devices such as smartphone or Tablets. But some people still using older modems in this modem will not support WiFi features, so how … Readmore +

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