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Looking To Donate Computers For A Good Cause? Windows Computers Are Just What You Need!

Are you looking to donate computers towards a good cause? Maybe buy them and hand them out to NGOs, orphanages, students from poorer parts of the world and so on? Then you definitely need to purchase Windows computers for this … Readmore +

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How to Turn On or Off UAC in Windows 8 computer?

Windows User Account Control (UAC) is most important for windows 7 or 8 computers security, by default it will be set to more secure. If you try to open default games in windows 8 app it will be shows “Games … Readmore +

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How to Add Classic start menu in Windows 8?

Windows traditional style start menu is very successful design in windows operating system life. But windows 8 version has changed the start menu design as Tiles. This menu especially designed for touch screen. Also make uniqueness for Desktop, Tab and … Readmore +

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3 Easy ways to Hide important Folders in Windows Computer

Files security and privacy is always important for everyone. Because sometimes your friends or relatives using your computer, in this situation some people don’t like to share important files folder to others. Many windows computer user protect their important files … Readmore +

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How to save computer power without close running applications

Windows operating system always provides many cool feature. Power saving option is on of most important features in windows. Some people makes their windows PC or laptop frequently ideal. In this situation they must use shutdown or set to sleep … Readmore +

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Move space one drive to another without format

Many computer C drive have very less space because of many application run from C drive. If you install the new application in your computer, by default it will install C drive. Computer C Drive free space is very important … Readmore +

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