3 Easy ways to Hide important Folders in Windows Computer

Files security and privacy is always important for everyone. Because sometimes your friends or relatives using your computer, in this situation some people don’t like to share important files folder to others. Many windows computer user protect their important files … Readmore +

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How to access computer from your android mobile

Windows computer have one of the feature is Remote desktop. Basically many people using this feature connect one computer to another for solve some computer related technical issues. But we cannot provide the training to other using remote desktop features. … Readmore +

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How to save computer power without close running applications

Windows operating system always provides many cool feature. Power saving option is on of most important features in windows. Some people makes their windows PC or laptop frequently ideal. In this situation they must use shutdown or set to sleep … Readmore +

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Most important Tips for USB Drive

Now a day everyone use USB drive, for getting backup data’s from your computer or Laptops. USB backup is very famous method gets the backup files rather than CD or DVD backups. Also High volume USB price is very low. … Readmore +

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How to make survey using Google forms

Many companies take their products survey on particular interval. In larger companies have separate development team doing this work. But small level companies don’t have separate team for this development process. So they are spent more money for this survey. … Readmore +

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Share your computer files using Dropbox Apps

Many websites provide free space for online, but we must upload all files to online and share the links to our friends or others.  In this service provides Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Drop box. But they are providing free service … Readmore +

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Move space one drive to another without format

Many computer C drive have very less space because of many application run from C drive. If you install the new application in your computer, by default it will install C drive. Computer C Drive free space is very important … Readmore +

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How to prevent spammer send email using your email account?

Last week my friend asked why sent me spam mail from your account. I am very surprised and immediately logged in and go to my Gmail account email sent area, there is having two spam mails. Someone sent email using … Readmore +

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