Mac Operating systems already have many in-build features, even though lot of Apps available to make this computer more powerful. Here we have listed top 10 free apps for every Mac OS users, by using this app you Mac computer will be more productive.
mac os x free apps


evernote mac app
Evernote is the best app for remember your memories, by using this app you can easy to capture, browse and search everything. This App always helps to improve your work productive, also this app will be supported for any devices such as mobile and tablets.



thunderbird email client for mac
Thunderbird is free email client app from Mozilla; this is one of the best alternative for Microsoft outlook. This email client will be working same like outlook.



mindnode app for mac
Mindnode is the best mind mapping application; this app will be make visual representation of your ides. By using this light weight app you can organize your thoughts an innovative way.



taskmate app for mac os x
Taskmate is to do list app, by using this app you can just click to add remove or complete your task. You can also export your tasks to other application via Text Edit.


App Cleaner

appcleaner for mac os
App Cleaner is the free and easy uninstaller applications for Mac OS, by using this app simply drags and drop to uninstall your Mac apps.


Font Picker

FontPicker app for mac os x
Font Picker is simply mange your Mac desktop fonts, by using this app you can easy to install, print your font list and Export as PDF file.



neooffice app for mac os x
NeoOffice is one of the alternatives for Microsoft office, this is open source application. By using this application you can view, edit and save Microsoft word, excel and PowerPoint files.


Smart Reporter

smartReporter app for mac os
Smart Reporter is completely analyzed and notifies Mac desktop hard disk failure issues. This app always prevents your Mac computer hard disk going to down.



adium chat app for mac os x
Adium is best instant message app for Mac OS X, by using this app you can connect to MSN, Yahoo, AIM, Gtalk, Facebook and many more chats.



loginOX app for mac os
LoginOX is simple way to customize your Mac OS X login screen, by using this app change your computer background images and logo an easy way.


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