Virus Attack is biggest tragic for every computer and mobile devices. Everyday new computer viruses created and affected millions of computer worldwide. Typically most of the computer virus spread through internet. So if you have connected internet in your computer or mobile devices must use the antivirus software for extend your computer life.
Free Antivirus Software for computer mobile devices
If you are windows user then you must activate the firewall in your computer and enable the Microsoft updates. This will be very helpful for solve some security issues, moreover you can install any one of the following free antivirus to boost up your computer or mobile devices security.


1. AVG

AVG Anti virus
AVG Antivirus is one of the best antivirus software in internet users. This Antivirus completely removes malware or virus in computer or mobile devices. AVG updated the security fixes frequently, so that many internet user using this best antivirus. AVG is supported to Windows and MAC computer and Android mobile devices.


2. Avira

avira anti virus
Avira is the leader of Antivirus software’s, using this antivirus software you can remove all type of threats and secure your data. So that your privacy is always ensure virus free. Avira is the simple and best computer virus eraser rather than other antivirus software, this will be detects 99.99% of malware. Avira provide the browser safety so you can away from internet viruses while browsing.

3. Avast

avast anti virus
Avast is most trusted security in the global computer users. Avast already protected more than 200 million computer and mobile devices worldwide. Most of the home network user like Avast antivirus because it is protect your computer from hackers. This will be remove annoying browser extension and restore the hijacked browsers.


4. Norton power eraser

norton anti virus
Norton is the very older security software. This software will be cleanup all type of computer virus such as malware, spyware or any other threats. Norton is the Fast, accurate and best for home users. Recently this is added cookie manager this will be very helpful for check the suspicious cookies and remove from your computer.


5. Immunet

Immunet Free Antivirus software protect your computer without any slowdown. This is Cloud-based detection so that no need to require updates. Immunet is the light weight app this will be occupied low disk space for your computer memory usage.


6. Bitdefender

Bitedfender is the strong and silent antivirus solutions. If you are the Game user then you can use this perfect Antivirus solutions to protect your computer. This real time shield protect your entire computer if it affected files coming from outside. Also this will be scan http request by using browser security.


7. Comodo

comodo anti virus
Comodo also one of the best Antivirus software in internet users. Using this tool you can protect your computer from virus, spyware and malware. Also this will make Cloud scanning, cloud whitelist checking to protect your computer virus infection.


8. Panda Cloud Security

Panda Anti-virus is the light weight app, this real time antivirus protect your computer spyware. Using this software you can away from malicious websites, also this will be protect your valuable data from hackers.


9. 360 total security

360 total security-anti-virus
360 Total Security is technology improved software checkup threats, scan virus, speedup your computer, cleanup threats and protect you entire system affected from malware or spyware. Using this software you can make online shopping without affect any online Fraud.


10. Ad-Aware

Ad-Aware is always aware your computer from malware and cyber threats. This cyber security software provides complete set of data security and keep your documents privacy keen level. Most of the home user like this software because this is always provide cutting edge technology to protect your computer.


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