How well equipped is your boardroom for today’s meetings? With the increasing necessity of videoconferencing and online presentations, your boardroom has to have the right technological elements in place. And it’s not just about installing a flat screen on the wall or having high-speed Internet access at all times.
Audio Visua -Integration Tips
Your boardroom should have appropriate audio visual integration, customized to your organization’s needs. Whether it’s videoconferencing with your European office or making a critical presentation to visiting clients, tailored AV integration will mean productivity and clarity for every type of meeting. Here are top four tips for your boardroom’s AV design to get you started:

1. Consult with an AV system integration provider

Unless you have an employee who knows about audio design for rooms, you will want to hire the experts. Audio clarity is very important, especially when your video conferences include more than 10 people in the room and a few more from another location. Delays, ambient noise, and other audio disturbances the microphone might pick up will make meetings frustrating—and take longer than planned.
An AV system integration provider will evaluate your boardrooms for effective audio set up. From small spaces to rooms located near high traffic noise, an AV system expert will come up with sound solutions.

2. Consider AV systems with fast start-up times

Look into control systems that allow you or any user in the room to operate the AV system with one push of a button. Speedy start up times will make meetings more efficient. When computers, the flat screen, the audio, and the lighting are controlled easily to power up, meetings and presentation can begin immediately.

3. Avoid mistaken entries with a room management system

Some employees may enter the wrong boardroom for another meeting. This happens when your office has simultaneous conferences happening at different rooms. While this type of disruption might not seem like a big deal, it could reflect poorly on your organization when you have a VIP client in the room.
Avoid the embarrassment with a room management system. You’ll have a flat touchscreen on the outside of the boardroom, detailing the meeting in progress and the schedule. It could also include information about the week’s or month’s schedule of meetings in that very room.

4. Always consider the mobile devices when having your AV system integrated

Not all presenters will use a laptop or the computer in the conference room. Most might use the more convenient tablet. So your boardroom should allow for such mobile devices to present content with ease.

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