No matter what industry or domain the business is into, referral programs have been a huge success in promoting the business’s products and services to a larger audience. But knowing how to do referral programs exceptionally good is altogether another story.

Well, today, we will check out the top best referral tracking software that is amazingly effective and work for all types of enterprises regardless of the size.

1. Refersion

Refersion will help you track your referral sales, allow your consumers prefer their buddies, and simplify your commission payments at ease. Its features include- manage your full authority and ownership over your affiliate program, new customers to refer their friends through social media networking platforms and emails, and a lot more.


2. Advocatehub

Advocatehub is a product of Influitive. Referrals can be easily collected directly from the referrer or even through a link on social media networking platforms, and it also lets you track e-commerce referrals, making it simple for you to track the value advocates and bring straight to your business.

As and when advocates complete certain challenges, they instantly earn points and can redeem perks at a later stage.


3. Referral Rock

Referral software makes it simple for businesses by providing online referral marketing automation software to help them get more customers. Their sharing pages let its members easily share with all popular social media networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Including reward distribution, they can handle everything. Gift cards, pre-paid Visa cards, coupons, etc. can be issued by them right from their system.


4. Talkable

Talkable assists e-commerce businesses to get new customers and improve sales & revenue. The software is easy to use and lets you build customized referral programs, track every customer share and website purchase, test each referral program performance, and analyze every single step right from shares to clicks.


5. Viral Loops

Viral Loops cutting-edge technology lets you run great referral programs, sweepstakes, and pre-launch campaigns on one platform. Businesses can track their overall campaign activity in a glimpse including a total number of members & expiry date of your campaigns, check campaign’s progress and a lot more. Using Viral Loop’s powerful API, you can build referral programs that are similar to Dropbox.


6. InviteBox

Founded in 2010, InviteBox makes it easy to manage different types of referral programs and lets you reward your users in many ways like an Instant reward, Goal-based reward, Referral Contest, Sweepstakes & Giveaways. Businesses can simply launch a referral program in no time and can reach new potential customers.


7. InviteReferrals

InviteReferrals is referral marketing software for both mobile app and website which offers round complete flexible referral strategies, design, and execution. The specialty of this software is that it can be used by customers in more than 25 languages. InviteReferrals lets you run various referral programs: Giveaway campaigns, Top referrer contest, Goal-based customer referral program. Its features include one-time integration, fully automated, multiple rewards, and a lot more.


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