CES took place this year in January and was one hell lot of an experience for me. It hosted more than 1400 startups. It became one of the largest trade shows hosted in Las Vegas. Here are a few names that I nominated to talk about. Here are a few innovative Technology Startups that you should look out for in the year 2019.


Active Protective:

Active Protective are developers of wearable protection for individuals who are old or have a certain disability. One of their products called the Tango Belt. It has wearable airbags that open up in case you fall because of an accident. Also, it alerts caregivers and monitors different behavioral patterns. Also, it ensures safer mobility for old people who live alone in their homes or for people who can’t walk in a normal way because of age or a certain injury.

CEO: R. Scott Jones



BitLumens are providers of decentralized powers to rural communities. This means that people who are living in far off areas of America. This means that people who live in such areas, especially farmers can get solar home systems and pay off the charges in installments. This is also not connected to the blockchain and provide them with a certain credit score. Moving further the Banks can access the data using BitLumens tokens and issue microcredits to people who need some.

CEO: Veronica Garcia


Civic Eagle:

Civic Eagle built a cloud platform and uses AI or Artificial Intelligence and reduces the time and cost for people looking for important legislation. It helps them identify, track and analyze the important legislation and regulation for organizations. This will get enough help for these organizations that need to be responsive against the ever-changing and evolving changes in the policy.

CEO: Damola Ogundipe



The organization has the vision to disrupt the unsustainable transport industry and make the movement of good a little more intelligent. This means that now, one can have an emission-free, safe and cost-effective way to move your good using interconnected, electric and autonomous trucks that are called T-pods. Also, these guys will be using big data and the cutting edge tech to get the job done.

CEO: Robert Falck



Elevian develops a new kind of medicine that helps restore the regenerative process by the use of regenerative medicines. These bring back the potential to treat and prevent many diseases that are caused because of age and an extended healthy lifespan. It targets a fundamental mechanism related to aging.it increases the ability of our body to heal itself that declines itself with your age.

CEO: Mark Allen, MD



FenSens provides one of the most amazing wireless parking sensors that get hidden in your car’s license plate holder. This helps the drivers to park their cars in a parallel way. It can be installed on any of the cars that you might use without wasting much of your time. It takes almost five minutes and gets wire-free.

CEO: Andy Karuza


Last of Ours:

These guys bring people together to safeguard the endangered species and natural zones across the planet. It creates a digital mirror on the blockchain where a token represents one of the many real endangered animals living the wild. Last Of Ours is making their effort to protect the animals to protect the planet and its resources. You can connect with them on telegram using charter internet. You can use charter using their affordable Charter internet prices and packages that connect you in a smart and affordable way.

CEO: Andy Karuza



This is a reward-based platform for lifestyle outside Australia. It connects users, brands and charities using a seamless payment experience that works via blockchain. Liven provides users with a new experience with the capacity to pay bills and earn rewards that they can use. The rewards earned can be used within the Liven’s network and can be shared for charity purpose as well.

CEO: William Wong


Loop Earplugs:

Music fanatics can now use earplugs for music that reduces decibels and avoids tinnitus. This is done by maintaining your stylish look and keeping your ears from getting affected. This further helps you stay away from any kind of hearing issues. You can go around using these earplugs when you are in a nightclub or anywhere where you can come across loud sounds

CEO: Maarten Bodewes



Do you have kids or pets that you want to keep a track on? Or are you someone who wants to go on trails and trekking with friends or a loved one. Lynq gets you the ultimate tool to get a secure location and regroup on a secure location. You wouldn’t need your phone or worry about lost signals when going on such journeys or expeditions. The device is available for users and benefits them without any monthly charges or fees.

CEO: Dave Shor



Mitte is one of the first smart home water systems. It turns any type of water into mineral water and maintains the natural effect for you to drink at home. It purifies and enhances water using a process inspired by the water cycle in nature. It takes two simple steps to get the job done. At first, it purifies water using a distillation-based method. It also enhances the purified water with all the required minerals that you need.

CEO: Moritz Waldstein



Moassure is the first motion-based tool for measuring. It works by leveraging inertial sensors and an algorithm that delivers an innovative way to measure surfaces throughout the house. You can measure angles and distances at the same time and can take measurements through walls and obstacles. Also, Moassure can help you measure irregular objects and surfaces.

CEO: Alan Rock



Padrone is one of the marvels of modern technology. Marc Speck created a digital ring that has replaced the use of a computer mouse to operate and function on your computer. Thus, reshaping the way navigating on your system works. This is the first step where more gadgets like these are going to add up to more improve functions and applications.

CEO: Marc Speck


These were some of the best startups that I picked up for you to know about. These skilled and amazing individuals love to add more value to the work and daily routine. According to a raw estimate, these are going to ease up and enhance the way we carry out tasks in our daily lives.


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