Some people lost their mobile or laptops while travelling, but how many people recover their lost mobiles or laptops. Very few peoples only get back their mobile if they missed without knowledge, even though it was found genuine people. Otherwise you will never get your lost devices. Prey Anti-Theft apps provide the solution to track your lost laptop or Mobiles e even if you used Linux, windows, android or iOS operating systems.
Easy way to track Stolen Laptop or Mobile

Make your Devices tracking

Download and install the Prey Apps to in your devices and very first time you must configure the device by creating pray account. Than go to pray website and login to your account you can find here your entire configured devices, now track your devices from this control panel.


How to Track your stolen devices

After login pray account you can view all your configured devices. Select the stolen device and click the locate device button it will show, which place in your device located through GPS and WiFi triangulation. Than you can send the tailored message to your stolen device by click on my device is missing button it will show alert on particular time interval. You can also send customize message to your devices and you can lock your devices by using special passwords. All information sends via SSL encryption so all your device information will be very secure.

pray anti theft apps


Pray apps provide wonderful feature with Android Phone or Tablets:

  1. You can Track device Geolocation with GPS and WiFi triangulation
  2. Loud alarm even your phone in silent mode
  3. Get picture using mobile default camera
  4. Front Screen Alert message
  5. SIM change notification
  6. Protect uninstall by using special password

Pray Anti-Theft also provides the apps for iPhone or iPad. You can download the apps from apple store. In this app features same like in android phone apps.


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