Sometimes people would like to send the larger files to their friends but most of the email accept only 20 MB of files to attach. Many free online file transfer tool available to transfer but most of the tool accepts only 2GB of files with fewer features. If you would like to send files more then 2GB you need to pay. In this post explain how you can transfer up to 5GB files with free of cost.


Transfer 5 GB files through free Cloud platform

  1. Open the pCloud file Transfer cloud
  2. Then Drag and drop the files to upload area (if you have multiple files you can Ctrl select to upload all files at once)
  3. After uploaded, enter the Recipients email in the “Send to” an area (you can add up to 10 recipients simultaneously
  4. Enter your email address and Message for your friends
  5. Select the privacy policy and click on the Send files button to transfer the files
  6. Please wait for once complete the file transferring process, if you close before uploaded 100% it will be cancel transfer process
  7. After completed transferring process it will be notified through email to your recipient
  8. This will not generate a download link for the public view, so your files more secure to transfer


Your friends can download the files up to 7 days from the date of sent, after that it will be removed from the pCloud server.


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