According to a study, over 20 million Americans over the age of 12 have an addiction. This statistic excluded tobacco. Addictions can be hard to kick and is way more involved than simply choosing to sop. Most cases of addiction involve substances that have strong physiological holds on a person’s mental and physical being and will take a series of action courses to kick down.

Among all addictive substances, alcohol addiction may be one of the easiest substances to fall into and among the most difficult to recover from. The amount of alcohol you drank will have a strong effect on the timeline of alcohol recovery body changes a person will experience when they make the important and critical decision to stop drinking. Thanks to the new age of growing technological advances, addiction can be fought with the use of technology, in tandem with personal dedication and the willingness to succeed.
Here are the top 3 ways technology can be used to fight your addiction.

1. Finding an online community

The most important thing to understand when trying to fight addiction is you are not alone. There are millions of people who stand in the fight of addiction with you and they could all use your help just as much as you can use theirs. Joining an online community where users can use forums to communicate challenges and provide encouragement could be just the extra push you need to get you through to the other side. There is a multitude of platforms that offer assistance and community building. One of the most important uses of an online community or platform is that these platforms may also be used to find a rehab/ treatment center.


2. Computerized therapy

A major part of getting through addiction is attending therapy. Sometimes attending physically may not be ideal which becomes a roadblock fort many on the path to sobriety. Now, there are plenty of platforms that provide online therapy to those who may not be able or willing to make a commute to a therapist’s office every week. Computerized therapies have approached a level of sophistication that allows analytics to be shown on sites as well to show progress for further encouragement. This step is extremely critical in the process of alcohol recovery body changes when your body is at its most vulnerable state in the recovery process.


3. Online addiction-fighting apps

Another option for those who enjoy visualizing their progress as a means to stay motivated on their journey is through smartphone apps designed to help fight addictions. Not only do these apps help with scheduling, daily reminders, meditation, and motivation, they also are great educational tools that can provide a myriad of resources in the meantime.


Every day, creators of technology are coming up with new ways to help people who struggle with addiction get over the hump. There are scientists already on the bleeding edge, using artificial intelligence to fight addiction.


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