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Perhaps you should employ an agile methodology to create something that will suit your target customers’ needs. Agile methodology describes a different, alternative method of software project development. Many businesses are employing it because of its reliability to create software for the long-run.


Continue reading to learn more about what is methodology and how you can use it!

What is Agile Methodology?

Agile methodology involves taking a different approach to software development that focuses on customer satisfaction and allows for changes when needed.

The thing about “agile” is that it doesn’t have a specific methodology. There isn’t a certain way that things should be done. Agile instead promotes being adaptive and flexible at any given time. If agile had a methodology, that would mean there would be less flexibility. Agile simply provides values and principles for people to decide what they should do.


Methodologies That Incorporate Agile Principles

Methodologies you should know.


Scrum is very useful in IT and for software development because technology is changing every day and Scrum allows people to keep up. This makes things easier for people like app developers, who need to update their app occasionally.

Scrum makes use of an agile development process to get work done:

  • Act spontaneously and spend lesser time planning
  • Focus on working as a team rather than on separate projects
  • Deliver multiple products over time rather than one final project
  • Receive continuous feedback


Extreme Programming

Extreme programming is a methodology specifically used to produce high-quality software with fewer mistakes:

  • Pair programming (2 people at 1 computer) to produce fewer mistakes
  • Code is reviewed throughout the development
  • Code is easy to test and the program has many functions
  • Continuously testing software as new things are introduced


Lean Software Development

Lean software development is used to create a product with maximum value to customers by using a variety of

  • Constant improvement of the process to develop a fast and low-cost product
  • Respect and empowerment amongst everyone to encourage improvement
  • Teams work together to solve problems
  • Value the customer’s needs and wants
  • Work with the customer to build a specific product


Benefits of Agile Software Development

Agile software development has become so popular because it’s a methodology that provides several benefits to both the producers and the consumers:


Communication and transparency are key components of agile software development. Respect, teamwork, and encouragement are present during the entire process of creating a program.

Transparency exists with the customer to ensure that the product is made exactly to their liking. It also exists amongst the team members because everyone is on the same level and equally understands what’s going on.



The main purpose of agile methodologies is to be as flexible and agile as possible. This means that the program is constantly evolving and changing. Because of the principles and values that are encouraged, it’s perfectly fine to change something at any time. Programs are designed to be changed!



Agile software development involves making high-quality programs with consistent feedback and versatile software. Having software that can easily be updated is a great quality in itself. A team that is encouraged and has mutual respect for one another will be motivated to create high-quality content for consumers!


Focus on Consumer

The consumer should always be the center of focus and they are necessary to have a successful product. This is why they are often involved in the production process.

A great example of a company focusing on the consumer is a video game studio releasing a beta version of a game. This gives something for potential consumers to test the game and give feedback so changes can be made before an official release. Take a look at these benefits if you’re a business manager that wants your company to stay ahead!


Popular Agile Practices in Programming

Here are some of the most popular agile practices in programming.

Continuous Integration

Continuous integration is the act of updating software continuously adding new code while also testing it several times.

The theory behind continuous integration is that rather than spending hours finding errors, testing the code as new pieces are being added will make it much easier to find and correct errors.


Pair Programming

Pair programming consists of two people programming at a single computer. This is meant to produce fewer mistakes by having two professionals overlooking the code.

This practice encourages teamwork and a variety of methods of coding, but the idea is also criticized.

Pair programming is sometimes considered a waste of resources because the second person could be doing another task. However, producing fewer mistakes and higher quality software is important to satisfy consumers.


Daily Meetings

Daily meetings are an important practice in agile methodologies because it involves getting the whole team together to review what has been done and what can be improved. These meetings keep everyone on the same boat so no one is slacking behind or working on things they don’t have to.



Retrospectives are meetings that are held at the end of production. Just like daily meetings, they are an opportunity to get everyone together to talk about the work they’ve done. They are great for reflection and allow teams to think about what they can do to make the next project even better.


Incorporate Agile Methodology into Your Business

Incorporating even a single agile method can drastically improve the work rate of your employees and the quality of products. What is Agile methodology? An easy and efficient way to form better relationships with consumers and coworkers. Use Agile methodology to evolve your business into something great.


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