Today, people are using cloud services both for their private and business purposes. It is expected that by 2018, about 60% of the cloud performances will be related to infrastructure-as-a-service software tools (research by Cisco). In the light of these current trends, it is clear that we are witnessing the great migration to the cloud. Since millions of people are moving in a certain direction – to the cloud, in this particular case – special care has to be taken of security issues.
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Cloud space de-cluttering

Leaving important data in the cloud for a long period of time could expose you to unnecessary risks. This is why it is smart to delete everything you do not need from your cloud account. Old invoices, contracts, as well as photos or multimedia content should be removed from the cloud not only for the safety reasons, but also to free some precious storage space.


Multi-layer protection

When you want to access your cloud account or drive, the most common thing is typing in your e-mail address and your password. However, taking your cloud security to a higher level includes adding more steps to the process of authentication. For example, requiring a special code for every new sign-in attempt is a great special feature for keeping your cloud account safe. It could be sent to your mobile in a textual message and then typed in the appropriate field.


Regular password refresh

People who do not want to play with their cloud security will keep changing their passwords on a regular basis. Also, forget about transparent combinations, such as your name and your birth date. They might be suitable for registering to gaming sites, but serious stuff, like your cloud account, should be treated with greater care. A study, brought to you by Daily Mail, shows that we are still incredibly gullible when we create our passwords. So, if you want to keep your security level high, separate from that naive crowd.


Insisting on encryption

Now that you have done what is expected from every reasonable cloud user, you should ask your provider to do their share of security work. First and foremost, insist on impenetrable encryption. Not all providers follow the same rules in terms of protection features, so be careful when negotiating or finding out about the protection for your future cloud account. Among the cloud providers available on the market, pCloud is a company with an efficient encryption policy, as well as other cloud features.


Backup at all costs

Although one of the main reasons people use cloud services is their affordability, every cloud user should create their own backup version of all the data that are uploaded to the cloud. It might cause some additional costs, since you will need a flash memory drive or an external hard disk for backup, but losing all your data in case of a cloud server disaster looks like a much more expensive alternative.


Perfection is hidden in details; this adage is perfectly suitable for cloud protection and security issues. If every cloud user does everything what we have suggested and ensures that their provider also plays its part on a high security level, there should be no security problems in using cloud services.


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Dan Radak is VPS security specialist. Currently employed as a consultant in a couple of Web Hosting companies. Also, he is a web writer and co-author on several technology websites. In his free time he makes homegrown beer.

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