WinMerge tool is very useful for comparing the changes in different version documents, by using this find out mass changes in the different documents also you can easy to move one document to another document. This is the flexible editor with syntax highlighting with line numbers, also by using this, you can compare regular expression based file filter as your needs. You can also compare folders, subfolder files with tree style view and maintain version control features of creating patch files and resolve conflict files.
winmerge word plugin
By default WinMerge tool will not support to a word, excel files comparison so how can you compare Microsoft office files?


WinMerge Word comparison Plugin

xdocdiff WinMerge open source plugin compare many files such as Rich text, word, Excel, power point, PDF and many more files. Following steps guide you to how to properly install xdocdiffPlugin WinMerge Plugin, latest version WinMerge only support this plugin, so you have to download at least WinMerge 2.8.6 stable version.

  1. Download latest version WinMerge
  2. Run the setup and select Plugin in select components wizard
  3. WinMerge plugin

  4. than finish the installation
  5. Download xdocdiffPlugin from this website
  6. Extract the plugin zip file
  7. Copy xdoc2txt.exe and zlib.dll files to WinMerge installed folder (same dll file available in WinMerge program folder, so you have to replace the dll files)
  8. Copy amb_xdocdiffPlugin.dll files to MergePlugins folder

That’s it, now restart the WinMerge and open the different word files to compare and you can also compare other Microsoft office documents.


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