How to Erase Unwanted Content from PDF File

Sometime people would like to erase the particular content from PDF file, many tools available to edit the PDF file. But most the tool needs to buy for edit the PDF file. PDF Pro is one of the best free … Readmore +

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How to Embed YouTube Video on Microsoft Word Document?

Sometimes people would like to create the interactive word document, in this case, they need to insert the YouTube Video on their Microsoft word document. So how you can embed the YouTube video? This post explains step-by-step to insert the … Readmore +

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Is Your Business Really Protected?

Digital security is now firmly situated at the top of every business owners’ priority list. This is as it should be. Since your entire company likely depends on digital technology to one degree or another, you simply can’t afford to … Readmore +

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Indias cheapest LED TV is Samy 32 Inches Android TV

Recently Samy launched the 32 inches Android smart TV, this TV comes with Android customized Operating System KitKat Version. Still, now they showcased the products but not delivered. They are started to booking order through their website and they will … Readmore +

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Google Chrome Browser Bookmarks Tips

Browser bookmark is useful for a faster way to open important website pages. Sometimes people search for solutions through the internet and open the website then read and close the website pages. If they wish to open the same pages … Readmore +

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How to Make a Windows Faster by Using a Duplicate File Cleaner

Windows computers have always been a heavy-duty machine that could be used to perform numerous tasks seamlessly. Contrary to that, your system starts showing signs of diminishing performance over time due to various reasons. These reasons may include cluttered disk … Readmore +

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5 Factors that have made VPS Hosting a Favourite among SMBs and Enterprises

When you are trying to make a gainful business, it is vital that every segment performs at the greatest whole conceivable, and this breakers the web servers. A moderate server can execute clients, lastly, it could instigate lost pay. It … Readmore +

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How to Create Cartoon from your Photo using Online Tool?

Some people always changing their social media profile photos, sometimes people use their profile photos as cartoon images. We need to use Adobe Photoshop for creating the cartoon image from photos. If you don’t have Photoshop software skills then how … Readmore +

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Residential Proxies

Proxies have gained a substantial amount of popularity in recent years as cybersecurity and anonymity have become key concerns for both businesses and regular web surfers. Connecting to proxy servers lets you visit websites and use apps without revealing your … Readmore +

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How to Setup Static IP in Windows Computer?

Most of the network computers setup with the dynamic IP’s, sometimes people would like to track the network computers activities. But dynamic IP changing every day so they must setup the static IP for network computers. This post explains how … Readmore +

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