CorelDraw is the really best tool for designers, this tool using for many industry such as print, fashion design, web design, desk top publishing and digital media. This tool is famous for logo designs, most of the logo designer using this tool for to create best and creative logos using this tool. But some designers feel this tool license cost is too high so that they expect alternative open source for CorelDraw. Here we have listed 5 best alternative for CorelDraw, all this tools is not exactly work on CorelDraw but this will be really work on most of the feature same like CorelDraw.

top 5 coreldraw alternative software

1. Inkscape

Inkscape is the best alternative for CorelDraw; this is flexible drawing tool for all designers. This will supported most of the CorelDraw important features such as pencil tool, shape tool, embed bitmap, Transformations, color management, clones and many more options. You can also open the CDR file by using Inkscape application but the only drawback is this will not support multipage format.


2. Open office draw

If you would like to use the simple tool for make the line drawing and then the right tool is Open office draw. Using this tool you can draw the complex drawing quickly also you can manipulate the objects rotate and three dimensions by using this tool. This tool will support most of the CorelDraw features arrange objects, group, ungroup, texture, lighting effects, transparency and perspective.


3. Karbon

Karbon is also one of the important tools of CorelDraw alternative, using this tool you can make highly customized and extensible drawing. This tool supported to create the Layer based drawing so that you can easy to modify your drawing and advanced path editing tool helpful for to create the any irregular shape drawing. Karbon is supported wide range of file open format such as ODG, SVG, WPG, WMF and EPS.


4. Creative Docs

Creative Docs is the best vector graphic design tool, using this tool you can make the document, brochure, posters, illustration, plans and flow diagrams. Creative docs have full option of the high end drawing tool such as of polygons, benzier curves, text line, pipette, styles, Boolean operations and associations. Trim, Combining and convert characters also important features of this tool.


5. Alchemy

Alchemy is one of best vector graphic tool, this tool mostly using for to create the stunning illustration. Many magazine designer using this tool for to make the magazine illustrations. This tool have all basic features of drawing, shaping, mirror and color management and this tool highlight is you can record the drawing session and this will automatically save the page in pdf files. This tool available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.


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Bryan Shore

Very nice list! These are great alternatives! I used some of these for quite a long time because I couldn’t afford CorelDraw, but recently I found this coupons page, where they offer discounts, so I decided not to let that offer pass by, and I am glad I did. It’s an incredible software, and very easy to learn! 🙂