Email management is very tedious work for many people. Because they need some important email subscription, but if they receive every day from the particular email their entire mail box will be junk. Some people feel after read subscribed mail is not use. So how to remove unwanted emails in particular interval? Gmail provides best solution for this problem by using filters.


Remove unwanted email particular interval

In Gmail you can delete unwanted emails by using filters

1. Go Gmail Inbox and Click the down arrow icon in top search box

email filter in gmail
2. Filter window will be open here you can enter unwanted email address or subject

Gmail email filter
3. Select Day within option as you wish to maintain emails

4. Click the create filter with this search link

email filter Gmail

5. Enable Delete it option
6. Enable Also apply the filter to matching conversations
7. Click Create Filter button

gmail filter

Your email will be automatically deleted as per your scheduled time. You can also modify or delete this filter in settings -> Filters area.



Block unwanted email in Gmail

If you are using Google Chrome you can block unwanted email in Gmail by using Chrome extension

1. Download and install Block sender for Gmail extension
2. Go to Email which you would like to block
3. Click the Block from the top toolbar and go option

block email in gmail
4. Block settings window will be open you can select any one of options

block email in gmail

You can block all email from the sender or block domain email or based on subject and move the blocked messages to trash or Archive area. You can also send to fake bounced message to the sender. You can remove the Blocked emails from the blocked list in the settings area

Please note: This extension will block 4 emails for free if you need more you need to go pro version.


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