When you are spending time at home, you can’t sit ideal. You will be looking for some sources of entertainment. When you want to watch something on streaming sites, you might be don’t have interested in paying for it because you have already recharged your internet.

There are countless online movie streaming sites for free. Just some clicks on those sites will change your way of entertaining.

You may prefer many undiscovered documentaries, emotional classics, or recent blockbusters; there are endless ways to watch those entertaining things. Running those free movie streaming online sites will provide you with endless hours of entertainment, and you will feel like spending yourself engaging in movies.


The List Of Free Online Movie Streaming Sites:

Below mentioned sites are the list to entertain by sitting at home. Whenever you feel bored, just visit those sites, and get endless lists of movies and other entertaining series, TV shows and etc.

1 Bounce:

Bounce is the first African and American publishing network. It airs on local households’ television and cable stations across the US, but now it is also available online. In the current age, Bounce is a free online movie streaming website where you will get millions of movies, series, TV shows and etc.

Not only the website, but you can install the application of bounce in the Google play store, iTunes App store, and other play Stores as well.


2. IMDb Tv

You may be heard the term IMDb or even probably used IMDb; it is the internet movie online streaming site. Did you know that this internet movie database also offers a free service for streaming movies online? You will be able to stream movies and TV shows on this channel, and it is available on almost every device such as Amazon fireTV, Roku devices, amazon prime video and etc.

When you have the required free account, then it will allow you to signup, and you will be able to recommend the movies or any shows on the base of your choices. Also, you can keep a watchlist of movies, and you can rate films.


3. Amazon Prime:

Amazon Prime is one of the best movie streaming sites across the globe, and the best part of this site is you can watch movies without any ad intrusion, just like Netflix. On this site, you will get numerous original Amazon Prime movies and TV series to entertain.

Movies and series are not the major reason for rushing people to this site, but it also offers thousands of songs, allow you to read kindle books, and watch albums.

Amazon Prime allows you to stream consistently for 30 days on your devices, such as smart TV, game console and etc., for free. Android and iOS platforms also allow streaming movies online.


4. Peacock Tv:

Peacock TV has both services; you can use the paid services of its, or else you can use the free programming service. If you want to use a free service, then you will be getting here thousands of movies, shows and etc.

On this website of movie streaming, there will be titles of popular movies, award-winning titles, and many other original shows and movies.


5. Sony Crackle

Did you know what kind of content you will be going to enjoy while you are streaming a website that is run by Sony entertainment? The answer is the kind of content that you are searching on online movie streaming websites.

The interesting fact about this Sony crackle is that the Sony crackle platform has tons of free movies and entertaining things for viewing pleasure. You will get a wide range of video content from different genres. It includes horror, adventure, sports, action and etc.

The main problem with this online site is it is only available in a few regions. If you are using VPN, then you can alter your IP address to that particular location where it is unrestricted.


6. Roku Channel

Roku channel offers you to watch free movies, TV shows, and also live streaming TV channels. If you are done with the subscription to certain channels, then you can connect the accounts and be able to see every show in one place.

However, it was made initially for Roku devices, but now this channel is available on every device like Samsung smart TV, Amazon Fire TV devices and etc.


7. Youtube

Youtube is a free video streaming giant; here, you can watch TV shows, movies, series and etc. as well.

Whether you are operating youtube with an application or web version, make sure your preferable content has gained many responses from the target audiences.

Another best thing about this website is you can skip the Ad, or else you can avoid the ad by using a VPN with an ad blocker.

The only thing about youtube is that you are not getting movies or tv series, but also you will be getting many funny videos, influential content, self-help content, and also many other types of videos.


Last Words

Above mentioned websites are free movie streaming sites, and apart from that, there are many other websites like Popcornflix, Movie Flixster, watch free, uwatchmovies and many others.

You will be getting the scopes in this technologically advanced world that online free movie streaming websites and every site has available movies of almost every genre. So you will get to see whatever you have much needed without going anywhere. Just flicks on the options that have been mentioned on the websites and free movie streaming sites are ready to give you full-on services for ongoing hours.

So what are you waiting for? Just visit the websites from your device and be ready to watch movies from your favorite genres.


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