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5 Best Loudest Bluetooth Speaker in 2018

Music is an integral part of our life and society in general. Whether it’s rock, classical jazz, pop, hip-hop, or pop, or country – it cannot be denied that music isn’t just a source of entertainment; it also reflects our … Readmore +

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Top 10 Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Wi-Fi Speed in Windows

Slow browsing speed, dropped Wi-Fi signals, inability to stream, wireless dead zones and similar problems occur when you encounter problems with your Wi-Fi network. It may occur due to distance problem, hardware or software issue, interference by other electronic devices … Readmore +

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10 Important Android Apps for college student

Today’s many college students using smartphone for their personal purpose, how they can use their mobile more usability for education life? Following important Android app will helps to student for more productive.   1. Google Classroom Google specially designed for … Readmore +

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Google Introduced Self driving bicycle

Google always be a technology leader, because frequently it’s invented new and successful technology. Previously it’s invented self-driving car; it is very comfort and useful for most of the people who made the test drive. Its time Google introduced self-driving … Readmore +

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Fashion Savvy Google Glass 2?

The revolutionary wearable tech from Google is more likely to make a return very soon. The earlier generation was launched few years ago but only a very few people were actually able to get their hands on to this device. … Readmore +

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