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4 Ways of Technology is helping Customer Service Teams

Is your business making the most of the technology to enhance your customer service experience? Team leaders sometimes fall behind on technology, either because they don’t have time to test new opportunities or they dread facing the staff learning curve. … Readmore +

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How to Read WhatsApp message by voice in Android devices?

Many people using WhatsApp for communicate to others by text message, WhatsApp will notify when you receive the new message. But when you are driving or in gym you can’t read the message immediately, even if it is a important … Readmore +

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Firefox Test Pilot Features is really useful for users?

Firefox always released new features with up to date technology, it’s recently released new features called as Test Pilot. This is group of extensions can helps to user browse the internet very faster and more secure with productively also Firefox … Readmore +

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Useful CDN services for Web Designers and Developers

Sometimes website designers uses many resources from external URL to their webpages, this will be helpful for to reduce the bandwidth usage in webserver. Some website provided many images and downloads files; in this situation CDN services is helpful for … Readmore +

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How to make successful online shopping website?

Today’s you can buy anything and anywhere using online shopping, this is latest trends in India shopping markets. In India every month more than hundred crore turn over from online shopping products sale. So how do you make your online … Readmore +

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Track your friends or families location using mobile GPS

Nowadays smartphone are very helpful for everyone day to day life, some situation people would like to know about their friends or family current locations. Today all smartphone comes with GPS, this features helps to find your current location. But … Readmore +

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5 Best Android Mobile devices Screen Recorder App

Most of the Android mobile by default support to capture the screen shot, but sometimes people would like record the mobile screen activities as video. Some people always make the video chat to their friends or families, sometimes they would … Readmore +

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25 Keyboard shortcuts for Firefox browsers

Firefox is the leading web browser, this is one of the largest number of user’s browser around the world. It is frequently update the version to fix the bugs and up to date security issues, this is the reason many … Readmore +

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How to Publish WordPress Post in Scheduled Time?

Many bloggers always preferred WordPress for their blogs, because of WordPress has many features available and still improving so on also it is one of the best CMS software. Most of the blogger doing their blogging jobs as part time, … Readmore +

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Finding the Default Router IP address

A very important thing you have to know about your wireless router is its IP address. With it you can access the router configuration settings and adjust them according to your needs. All the important settings like network name, wireless … Readmore +

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