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How to Embed HTML template on Outlook Email Client 2016

Outlook has wonderful features can embed the HTML template, but this feature is by default disabled in Outlook 2016. This post explains how to enable and embed the HTML template on outlook email client 2016.   Embed HTML template Outlook … Readmore +

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How to Record PC sound while playing

Many people would like to record the live webinar while playing from their PC. Some people try to record external devices from PC speakers sound. Some webinar to provide the recording options, but if the webinar streaming from YouTube how … Readmore +

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How to enable and disable the sleep mode in Windows 7 Computer

Sometimes people would like to make the sleep mode on the Windows computer if they forgot to turn off the computer. Typically Sleep mode helps to power off the computer if the computer goes to ideal for the particular timing. … Readmore +

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DVDVideoSoft is one stop solution for digital studios

Nowadays most of the people make home studios for their own or business purpose. So, they use many tools for video and audio production, but most of the tools are difficult to use. They also need to spend more money … Readmore +

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How to edit multiple person on an excel sheet 2016?

Microsoft Excel has many features, Typically Excel workbook can be editable by one user only. If multiple users can try to use, it will be open read-only format. Sometime multiple people would like to access one excel workbook simultaneously. In … Readmore +

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How to embed Videos on Outlook Email content area?

Most of the people would like to add the video on email body area, typically videos will not play the email body. Especially Microsoft outlook client will not play the video from its body area. Html pages only play the … Readmore +

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How to benefit from Android/iOS Apps Source Code Marketplace

Within the online world, understanding the benefits of buying source codes to make lots of money is the first step. Choosing the right App Source Code Marketplace is one of the big steps. Buying source code is offered lots of … Readmore +

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How to Add or Remove Password for Microsoft Word Document?

Microsoft word has additional security features is password protection. If you would like to make your word document more secure, then you can add the password for the document. This will be preventing your important document open from unknown people … Readmore +

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3 Ways The Internet Of Things Saves You Money

The internet of things is a catch-all term for the interconnectedness that spans many of our modern devices. From our kitchen appliances to our aquariums, nearly everything we interact with a given day can connect to the internet. There is … Readmore +

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How IP Surveillance in Calgary Can Benefit Your Business

We wake up every day, reading news about vandalism, burglary and data theft around the world. Given the frequency of these incidents, you can’t brush the need for enhanced security of your official data under the carpet anymore. This becomes … Readmore +

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