Readmore retrive deleted photos in google photos app

How to retrieve deleted images in Google Photos?

Google Photos is best way to maintain your photo gallery in online and synchronize to your mobile devices. Many people using this gallery, sometime people unexpectedly delete the important photos from this gallery, so how they can retrieve these photos? … Readmore +

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5 Best Free FTP clients securely transfer files to server

File Transfer Protocol is most important for transfer the files from local computer to your online servers. Some people always connect the FTP server by using windows explorer, but it is not easy to manipulate the folders and files. Also … Readmore +

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Readmore google authenticator

How to enable Google Authenticator in WordPress blog?

WordPress most preferred CMS website application, most of the bloggers using this open source application. Because of many inbuilt features and free plugins available in this application, so no need to develop any features if you would like to include … Readmore +

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Readmore audacity noise reduce

How to remove background noise from recorded audio?

Many people recording voice from their computer, but some people face the issue about background noise. Because of low grade microphones makes huge background noise while recording, how can you remove the background noise from recorded audios?   Audacity removes … Readmore +

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How to build mobile friendly website within 5 minutes?

Nowadays every website should be mobile friendly design otherwise google also suggested to use this responsive design for its SEO ranking. Most of the websites already turned in to mobile friendly but some websites yet to be changed. If you … Readmore +

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10 most important WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

WhatsApp most preference mobile messenger app, most of the people installed this app their smartphone but some people don’t aware about its complete features. Following tips and tricks helpful for WhatsApp user can smart way to use the messenger.   … Readmore +

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3 Essential Implementations for WordPress Security

WordPress is known to be lacking when it comes to security. Over the course of its long life, so many vulnerabilities have been found; it’s not even possible to count them all. However, persists as one of the most popular … Readmore +

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Top Gadgets must you have in 2016

Don’t you think the life has become quite enjoyable and easy since we have got some amazing devices and gadget? It is so cost-effective and easy to get connected with the people, who are sitting miles away from us. In … Readmore +

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3 most important ways to select effective SEO keywords for your blogs

Keywords is one of most important for increase the blogs SEO ranking, search engine bots always expect unique and quality keywords. If your blogs content is high quality and would like to get better search engine results, than your blog … Readmore +

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How to create push notification for your blogs?

Nowadays many website or blogs send the push notification to their visitors, this notification will be alert the user know about latest updates of the website, even if they are not open the browsers. This push notification will be very … Readmore +

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