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Top 10 Secure Cloud Storage for everyone

Nowadays online file storage is important for everyone; many people would like to access their important files from anywhere and anytime. Some people still hesitate to maintain their important files in cloud storage, because they afraid about online file security. … Readmore +

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Official Android OS is coming for Raspberry Pi 3

From the launch on Feb 29,2016, the $35 super tiny computer Raspberry Pi 3 from the Raspberry Pi Organization is becoming the reliable and powerful computing platform. And for the Pi lovers, who also are using the Android services, the … Readmore +

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Ecommerce Upgrade Your Website Desperately Needs

There is great money to be made in the world of ecommerce and a great success to be built. However, this privilege is restricted only to those who know how. Like in the retail stores, everything you see is there … Readmore +

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5 Best open source UI Frameworks make your web application more beautiful

Nowadays web application rocking the internet world, day by day its technology increased with sharper. Many web application develop with user friendly and mobile devices support, it’s really reduce the mobile app development cost. Many web application UI framework available … Readmore +

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How to Hide images and folder in Android mobile?

Smartphone is one of the essential parts of most of the people, nowadays many people using their smartphone for alternate of their laptop. Some people would like to hide their important documents and images from their Android smartphone, so how … Readmore +

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Salesforce Data Management explained in 3 easy steps

Data is one of the most important assets at your disposal in any organization. It is also the power behind your salesforce deployment. Without data, you could not know how to direct your resources, or monitor the performance of different … Readmore +

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6 Different type of Google search make your search process easier

Most of online user feels Google is always keen of the search engine, because if we search anything using Google search engine; it will be retrieve exact results rather than other search engines. More than trillion web pages indexed in … Readmore +

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Top 10 Smartphone Rules You Must Apply On Your Kid

One of the biggest hurdles of parenting today is finding the right time and amount of courage to introduce your kid into the cyber world safely and steadily. Parents are usually skeptical of introducing smart phones into their kids’ lives … Readmore +

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What Are the Best Affordable Routers to Buy in 2016?

Choosing the best and affordable routers to buy can be among the most daunting tasks. There are a number of things to take into account before buying a router. Some of the important aspects include speed, wireless standard, security, purpose … Readmore +

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How to Block particular Country Web Traffic?

Typically website traffic is important for everyone website on blogs, but sometime some people would like to block some countries traffic. Due to reduce the unwanted bandwidth, for example some online shopping websites not provide the service for particular countries, … Readmore +

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